Sunday, December 19, 2010

My big girl

Let me preface this blog post by explaining that this is a very characteristic example of an outfit Ellie comes in from school and immediately seeks out. She feels very at home in leggings, boots, some sort of rock and roll shirt and a headband.
She also feels very at home on top of the counters. This is where Staci and I lived as children. Hey Mom, is that genetic?! Wait! We're not genetically linked. Sometime I find that very hard to believe!
She drags this stool we have all over the kitchen to access just about anything she needs/ wants! This includes the refrigerator as one can tell by the milk bottle she has chosen.
So to sum it up... she came in from school, put on her own clothes, dragged stool around kitchen to get milk from the fridge, climbed atop the cabinets, and had herself a little snack.
She should be ready to move out and get her own apartment by the time she starts kindergarten!

Independent? I'd say so!


kimybeee said...

she is absolutely beautiful and that independence will take her far! genetically linked - you are linked by faith and that is stronger than any genetics! those baby girls were made to be groves!!!

i can't wait to see if santa brings the girls a puppy or kitty or both or two of each!!! lol

Anonymous said...

She is about as cute as they come....and just as precious!! I find it so totally hysterical that she, at her age, is capable of getting her own "after daycare" snack!!! She is one smart cookie!! I bet the excitement at your house with Santa's arrival only days away is CRAZY!! Oh how I miss those days!! ENJOY THEM!!

Amy K said...

Ha ha ha! Independent girls are a double-edged sword...ultimately it will serve her well when she's older...bless her heart!
Is Ellie a "lefty"?

Remember, it takes more than biology to make someone a mother. I think that quote was from Oprah?!

Happy Christmas week to you & the whole Massey-Groves family.

Sandy said...

she is so precious. independant but precious!! I have NEVER met a child as bright/determined as Ellie! I would say ya'll are gonna have your hands FULL with that one. May God give you and Todd the strength as she becomes a teenager. Lord I hope ya'll don't stroke out first!!

tricia said...

MISS INDEPENDENCE;that's what we'll call her.

Amber said...

It's funny to see her in that shirt my 2 1/2 year old has that one and the other 3 that match it from CP..(a unicorn and I cant remember the other one) My 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old are not genetically linked either but they have been with me since birth and they really do pick up on our habits and personalities. My little one is sassy everyone calls her mini me.. I guess they figure she gets it from me.. LOL

Debbie said...

That Ellie Sue, is quite a personality, and I love it!! She will so far in life, just like her Mommy has. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Merry Christmas to the entire family!!! Can't wait to see Christmas pics.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean