Friday, December 17, 2010

Just another day at daycare!

DO not send me hatemail! I drop the girls off in the neighborhood, so sometimes I forego the carseats, especially if it's cold and I want them to sit on the seats where the seatwamers are. So there. Anyway, this is early in the morning when we are dressed and ready for action.
Gabbi Girl obliges her mama and lets her put on Christmas outfits.
HA! Ellie Sue... fuggetaboutit!
She is wearing her Vera Bradley shoulder purse! Of course, SHE picked that out!

My girls are polar opposites! Today, all she talks about is wearing her "jeggings"! HOW In the world did she hear about Jeggings?! Oh, and her Udds. (to the rest of the world, that would be Uggs!!)


snekcip said...

I love Gabbi's outfit!!! Too cute! That Ellie Sue definitely marches to beat of her OWN DRUM!!

tricia said...

Gabby is so precious. Ellie probably learns her style from the 'tweens' she hangs out with. She 'takes in' all their chatter.

Mary Allison said...

Because jEGGINGS and UGGS are her FAVE babysitters clothing items of choice:))

Debbie said...

That Ellie Sue is a hoot. her posing in all the pics, cracks me up!!! She brings a smile to my face, everytime, I see a pic of her. Of course Gabbi Girl is adorable also. What's that frown on her face for? Mommy leaving her?? LOL. What a sweetie.

Merry Christmas Grove's family!!!


God Bless~
Debbie Jean