Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making cookies for Santa!

Ok, so KK brought the girls some cookie cutters for Christmas. And as with everything... this, too, had to turn into a major ordeal!
Ellie had to line every single one of them up on the kitchen floor in the order in which she liked them.
KK also graced us with four bottles of sprinkles. (I'm gonna shoot KK!)
TG went to work on getting the dough all whipped up. I stood by and admired him!
He has to do everything all fancy like! I tried to tell him we had cookie dough in the fridge from a kid who was selling it for school. It would've done the trick just fine!
Then Ellie and her seven bracelets got involved!
Daddy slapped that flour right on the granite countertops and rolled out the dough. I am glad the girls have someone to model when it comes to things in the kitchen!
That is NOT something they will be picking up from me!
And even though she has no idea what is going on, she is still bossing everyone around!
Pretty good, Daddy-O!
Ellie went through her pile of cutters, occasionally choosing new ones.
Gabbi Girl finally decided to get off my hip and get in on the action.
And she poked around here and there on the dough, but was not nearly as pushy as Miss Bossy McGillicutty!

Stay tuned til tomorrow for the decorating of these bad boys!



snekcip said...

Baking cookies was a hit here at the house as well!! Mo, you gotta get in the kitchen and LEARN! It's so much fun!! We also made "salt dough" ornaments! I had 6 girls and talk about fun, fun, fun!!! I applaud Todd (hey I made a rhyme) for his dedication in the kitchen! That's admirable!!!

Theresa Shirley said...

That Todd Groves IS a good girl Daddy!! Glad the girls will have these memories to look back on--so sweet!

tricia said...

What a fun experience for the girls!!! You are lucky that Todd is so 'handy'.