Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decorating of the cookies!

Ok, and so now that the cookies are baked, our baths were given (note wet hair still), and we are in our Christmas outfits, it's time for the finishing touches on the cookies!
We didn't have frosting, but Ellie had made it glaringly clear that we would be adding the sprinkles that KK brought us for Christmas!
Sooooo, strawberry cream cheese it was!
I gotta say. It worked like a charm!

A friend stopped by during this chaos and insisted I get in a pic or two with my girls. I am always glad to get in a few pics.
Even if I looked like I'd just been beaten by the ugly stick! Those are my pjs, and I am without make up! The girls always get first dibs on mom's time and attention when we are going out in public. I usually end up about half cocked myself!
I was glad to see that Gabbi Girl also wanted to get in on the fun.
And Todd is always happy to get in a picture too. (NOT!)
I absolutely adored these little aprons that KK got them.
It was a great gift. And now, I think a precedent has been set for making those elaborate cookies on the 24th.
Don't you even think that Ellie Sue won't remember this next year and request the whole nine yards where cookie decorating is concerned!
And then came the time for sampling.

This is my friend, Kellye. Guess where she is now. In the BLIZZARD in New York City!
I've always wanted to see NYC at Christmas, but not sure I want to be there during a blizzard. It dropped down to the 20's here last night, and we feel like we should be hibernating!
And a few more of my girlies THOROUGHLY enjoying this task!

Wait! Ellie! What are you doing?!
Gabbi Girl... move your toes... quick!

And finally, I give you....

Santa Claus cookies!
Don't they look divine?!
We started with four bottles of these! just sayin'!
Making memories!


Amy K said...

Those wonderful family traditions. The girls' aprons are sooo cute!
I'll bet Santa thoroughly enjoyed his sprinkles with a little cookie underneath! :0 Kid decorated cookies are the best...let their creativity shine.
Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy '11....eleven!

Renee said...

I think cookie decorating is a great tradition for you and your crew. E and GG did a wonderful job. Hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and blessed new year.

Stacey said...

Great cookies! I did the Christmas in NYC this year and I am happy to be home. I think...we are now having a blizzard in Fargo. Have a great New Year's Eve

tricia said...

Making memories and starting traditions;how wonderful!

I was in NYC during the blizzard;home for Christmas. It's fun to watch it but not to travel in it.

Beverly said...

I love it! I just love every picture of the cookie making! Makes me wish I was Santa...just saying. Thanks, Mo, for sharing your memories with us.

Anonymous said...

What was in all those packages from Todd??

Becky said...

What a great job they did with the Christmas cookies. That is a pretty awesome family picture your friend took of you all. Never noticed how you were dressed - it's all about the moments with those precious girls. Have an awesome New Year!