Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas morning! Santa Claus came!!

Would you believe it? Santa ate every last bite of the heavily sprinkled cookies we left for him!? And he left a pretty good sized loot!
Gabbi, it was no surprise, was up first. In fact, Todd and I were awake and peeking in the den when she FIRST got up and was making her usual way into our bedroom. She almost always comes into our room from the den. She stopped, checked out the four wheeler, then came on in to climb into bed with us! She'd not even paid attention to all of this!
Who me? yea, you!
Dad is the official manual reader, battery setter, and game activator in our family!
Gabbi Girl found her new Twistables crayons and got right to work! She gets a bit of tunnel vision! Once she finds an activity she likes, the world fades away!
As did that big pile of gifts behind her! She ONLY wanted to color!
And speaking of... however does this girl COLOR my world! I mean, look at these pictures! She is the epitome of sweet. (Until she is no longer content.... then it is NOT cool! but that is not what this post is about!)
She is so attentive to her project! So in the now!
Ellie is flitting around like a little butterfly. Or hummingbird. Or whatever it is that buzzes around non-stop and in constant activity mode!
This is just about the moment she spied her four wheeler!
AND Gabbi Lou's new bike! Since Dad knew to HIDE the battery of the four wheeler, lest risk a 14' tree down in the den, she hopped right on Gabbi Girl's new wheels!
round and round the den she went!!
ANd baby sister just ran along behind her!

Would you believe Santa found a box labeled "New Christmas Toys" from LAST year's Christmas, and prior to the big move, and was able to very easily recycle all of those as new gifts too!? That Santa is mighty resourceful!
Then came time for me and Todd to exchange gifts! This is the first thing I opened.
I went ahead and told him he was not headed in a positive direction. It was then that I arose and grabbed his first stocking stuffer... a tube of heel cream to soften calloused heels. Think we have some dry skin issues around here?! Remember, it's still flilp flop weather about 50% of the time!

Todd also has this tradition of signing very random people's names to all my gifts. For instance...

I don't know how his weird mind works sometimes!
Ellie got many many paper doll type toys which all requre outfit changes! I was hoping that would keep her preoccupied for a while! and maybe keep me from having to wash her typical five outfits a day!

We are scheduled to return to Disney World soon, so we had to limit our princess intake to "small". I know we will have all the princess we can stand in a few weeks!
Gabbi Girl got several learning toys.
And as for me and my gifts, wellllll....
The tags just kept getting odder and odder! This is from Phil Knight, coach of the Lakers. ??
ANd Reggie Bush... plays for the New Orleans Saints. Oh, and used to date Kim Kardashian. How did he ever find the time to buy me something?!
And then there was this one from "Colin". Ok, then!
As well as one from "Sasha".
And a handsome purple bow. Guess who wrapped that one!

ANd Stuart SCott, the black announcer on ESPN who has the eye that doesnt' match the other eye. ANyone recognize that guy?!
Ok, back to normal Christmas things!
Wait! This was kinda classic. He got himself a DVD he'd been wanting!
And this one was from Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback. TG, what's with all the sports references this year? Come on man, you usually branch out a little more than this!
And as the morning wore on, Gabbi Girl lost some key parts of her clothes, and knelt to bond with Earl.
And then what happened, I swear, I wish I had on video!
Earl lifted his arm and put it around her just like you or I would.
They laid there and spooned briefly. That is a love affair! Gabbi loves Earl and Earl loves Gabbi. As for me... Earl is LUCKY to be in my house right now! He got sprayed by a skunk earlier this week! And it was AWFUL! But, you know... it is Christmas. So, I had my compassionate gene going! And the dog does LOVE my girl!!
Thank you, Santa, for some awesome memories!


Ginny D. said...

Well, I had been in a very foul mood all day. Then I read your latest blog post. I was literally throwing my head back and laughing over Todd's gift tags. Cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh...I really needed it! :-)

kimybeee said...

give earl a hug from me cause he is so sweet!

we do the goofy nametags at our house too! one year we labeled all of our gifts to our pets so the kids didn't know who got what. We have also used the funky from weird people too! i don't know the espn guy, but i will look for him from now on! lol looks like everybody had a great christmas!

p.s. my 7 year old yellow lab wants you to know that earl would love a weenie puppy. my chloe was very set in her old dog ways until we got my daughter's dorkie (weenie/yorkie mix) in august. now chloe acts like a puppy too and has so much more fun!

Amy K said...

Looks like Santa did good! I love the picture of Ellie riding Gabbi's bike with Gabbi running behind....classic big sister/little sister moments!
The Drew Brees tag had me singing "Personality..." like my son does every time the commercial for the personalized jerseys comes on with all the different ways to put Brees on a jersey!! That Todd is very creative....will we see what Melanie got from all her famous admirers?

Sherri said...

HAHA And I thought my husband was the only crazy one that gives gifts from football players!! Every year I look forward to seeing who I get gifts from more than the gifts themselves. We are lucky to have such fun guys!!

Renee said...

Awwww Earl is too sweet to GG. The smile of E's face when she spotted the 4 wheeler - priceless. I think Todd's weird tags are too funny. I would love to get a gift from Reggie and Drew. :)

snekcip said...

Loving the Christmas tags and the pics! Priceless!! Nothing is sweeter than a girl and her pooch! I gotta say that Gabbi/Earl is the exact replica of Bree/Paris! My girl loves that dog to no end! Stinkiness and all!! I'm always telling her "not to hug Paris, because she's stinky and she gets this look on her face and says "Momma! That's not nice...you make her sad when you say that"!

I mean how can I argue with that!! :)

PS What did you get to "de-skunk" Earl. There is something over the counter you can purchase at Walmart I believe. I actually bought Paris a shampoo that eliminates SKUNK ODOR even though she hasnt had that encounter! She stinks that bad sometimes though! Thank goodness raccoons dont have a "stinky gland" because our poor dog would have been "sprayed" a long time ago!

Sam said...

Where did you get those adorable pajamas for the girls??

Theresa Shirley said...

Love those sweet girls!! Gabbi and Earl are just precious. She just has a way with animals of all sorts, doesn't she? I noticed in the coloring pics that she is coloring with her left hand in most of them. Is she left-handed? Just wondering....cause I am too :)