Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yep. 6:45! That is gathering time. Regardless if it is 20 degrees outside or not! And this is the healthy troop who showed up for team pictures!And lo and behold, who was there, but Shelbi and her mom. Wanna know more about her battle with stinkin' brain tumors?! Go to caringbridge.org/la/shelbimae.,
This is the Kaufman family. They lead up TEAMJAKE every year from fundraising to helping people get signed up to... I don't know... all of it! I am just a cheerleader. I just show up where told! I LOVE this picture of their family! Can you believe I got Gary with kind of a grin?! Yay me!
We are soooo appreciative to the Kaufmans for all the work they put into this event and for their continued dedication to Jake's memory!
And... their daughter, BritniAnn is now of babysitting age. Oh yeaaaah!
Hey Madison, this dude came by, said he met you five years ago at the event, and wanted to reconnect. How bout that? Ummm hmmm... kinda makes you wish you'd been there, huh, mister?!

These are a bunch of physical therapy assistants who graduated from Bossier Parish Community College and who came to know of our efforts for TEAM JAKE through Kim, (dark hair, center)who is a friend of mine and who was actually in my PT class wayyy back when!
Through the years, their class has been touched by many kids with cancer, and the buttons on their shirts reflect some of them. One of the students there now has a child with leukemia.
ANd this is Joey. We simply MET him at the dinner one year and he decided he wanted to run with us the next. Would you believe he ended up being our team's TOP fundraiser?! So cool! This year he brought both kiddos and his daughter ran the 1/2 marathon with him. Ok, ok, so shame me!
Karl always leads us off with a team prayer.
And this is Kim with her girlies. Two of them anyway. She went on and lapped me with that third one. I'm good though. Three girls?! HORMONE CITY!
I am thinking that Lauren has run the 1/2 with us before, but I just am not sure. Sorry. I can't keep up. But THIS year... she was going all the way! Hubby finished the 1/2 in fine style! More on that story later!
These are all MMPT staffers. Hey Becky... WHERE are you?! Karl and I are in the West Monroe office ,and Ron and Jenn are in the Shreveport office.
I'd be the only loser in the picture who is NOT running!

Ron and Crystal even came a day early to celebrate their anniversary!
This kinda gives you a view from the starting line... from what I could see from where I was standing. It is like an OCEAN of bodies!
I love G-Dawg's enthusiasm. I think he missed his cousin, Matthew, running with him in cloak and facepaint this year though!
This is the girl side of the family. And BrittanyAnn (I swear I cannot figure out how she spells her name today!), brought a friend too!
Can you believe the people? And this is only the 5K. There are more in the 1/2 and full marathon than this!
If you've never been to a race, you should just get your new calendar out, and mark it to go next year. It is so worth the trip! really cool. ANd you don't have to run. Staci and I just go to encourage. It is really neat!
Ok, next up will be pics from the 5K. Then the 1/2. Then the full. I took over 300 pics and don't want to leave anyone out!
Look closely at Lauren's button. It has the picture of the little girl they also wanted to honor with this run!
We are so thankful for those who run to remember Jake as well as others. It is so meaningful that they dedicate the race, the culmination of all the sacrifice and effort, to Jake!
Truly, on behalf of our family, our cup runneth over! Thank you!!


KimCox said...

Great pics Mel...I think in one pic you referred to Jeff as Lauren's "hubby" -- got a giggle out of that.. they were classmates, not spouses! And anytime you want to experience having that 3rd girl you just come borrow my youngest. There's a reason she wasn't in Memphis... she is an 8 year old high maintenance little diva... precious and wonderful, but HIGH maintenance!!

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tricia said...

truly humbling

MaryH said...

I love the posts about the Race every year - wish I could make it there one day.