Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rebel Runway

OK, let me tell you about our big runway experience last week. Our local high school has a great annual fundraiser called the Rebel Runway. They sell tickets to attend, and then ask area stores to participate in showcasing their clothes on models of their choosing.
All of the cheerleaders are usually involved, but when it's a kids' store, ie. Staci's, well then... she must choose her little models!
And guess who she chose!
I was a backstage mama, but only for a little while!
Gabbi Girl was ALL about the chicken strips provided to the models!
Staci and Courtney (rear) were in charge of all the little munchkins.
I decided shortly thereafter that all this backstage drama was better left to the "pros" and I went to the audience.

This is HEather, a friend, and fellow model mama.
IN the audience, I found Todd the Bod and JinJIn.
The crowd was really growing! That's Paula's mom, Dee, in the foreground.
For Ellie... the blush and lipgloss may have been the best part of the night!
These are a few of our friends and also the parents of the kids in Staci's portion of the style show!
And these are my old fart friends, who are celebrating 20 YEARS of marriage today!!
This was a pretty big shindig. I think they sold about 500 tickets.
Should've been a really good fundraiser for the cheerleaders!
And BAM! BAM! The big girls threw their well-rehearsed poses!
But here, my friends, was the shocker of the night!
Miss Gabbi Girl, one shoe off and one shoe on, strutted down that stage, twirling and dancing at the end to the high energy music!
I think she stole the show!
And whoda thunk it? I mean, she's my precious baby. My shy one. Clings to mama. What is she doing prancing up there like that?!
ANd then she spotted ol' mama in the audience. I just knew we'd lost her!
ANd WOW... would you look at that ponytail flip!?
Piper, Ellie, and Emma Lou....
WOrkin' that stage. "But wait, Piper, there are people who haven't seen me yet!"
At the end of the stage, all the little girlies clustered as the rest of the crew made their way onto the stage.
How precious?!
Ellie was sho nuff in her element. Between two tweens and on a runway! My oh my!
Maddi, ummm... not so sure!
The whole gang was so cute. I thought Staci's store was very well represented and that the kids who wore her clothes were awesome!
And below, we have Miss Angel Grace, far right. Her hair went perfectly with her dress. I think her mom HAD to buy it!! Her mom being Cindy, my pal.
This was a fun mix of almost teens to toddlers.
Gabbi did great coming down the runway, and I will tell you, Miss Gracie,( carrying Gabbi), just knew instinctively when to pick her up to get her on her way!
And like that... they were gone.
The final pose at the back of the stage took place with each different store represented. It was here that Ellie finally saw me at the foot of the stage taking pictures. Can you tell she sees me?!
There were people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. This is Mrs. Counts. She was the secretary at WMHS when I was there. She is still there!
And Paula's oldest son, John. The crowd really loved it when the football players or coaches were on the runway and decided to do some pimpin' pose!
ANd then, after the show... Miss Maddi, and her gigantic bow, were all smiles!
Gabbi Girl made me so proud. And because I loved that outfit so much, we decided to wear it the next day to daycare.
Ellie, who NEVEr looks cute (as cute as she can anyway) for daycare, actually allowed me to put her back in this outfit. ONLY because it was so "teenage".
I even made her a custom little turquoise drop to wear around her neck.
Dontcha love the days of the really big, cheesy smile?!
Proud Mama!!


Sandy said...

LOOVE it. looks like Gabbi has really been watching her older sister!! you are gonna have your hands FULL

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just love you little models - what fun they must have had!!!And way to go Gabbi - coming out of her shell!!
All three of them look just adorable - you must have been proud.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

Enjoyed the style show!! Oh man, I wish we could go on line and purchase from Staci's store! I would buy Gabbi's "owl" outfit in a heartbeat!!! Love it!

tricia said...

I SO enjoyed this blog post. Gabby stole the show!

kimybeee said...

great job girlies and the clothes are so cute! i can't believe how long ellie and gg's hair has gotten. I don't think i had seen ellie's out of a "do" in a long time. staci needed some boy models up there with all those cutie pie girls!! lol

Beverly said...

That looks like so much fun. Gabbi and Ellie and Maddi looked so cute. I love these kind of pictures. THANKS for sharing!

Renee said...

I bet that night was a total scream! Way to work it GG and Ellie Sue.

Amy K said...

Love this - your girls are naturals.
You look pretty awesome yourself in those pics of you and your girlies!

Beth E. said...

Wow! Looks like both girls had a blast! They are cute as they can be and they were workin' that stage!

Of course you're proud of them, as Staci is proud of Maddi. You have every right to be! What a blessing to have them in your lives.

All three little girls are beautiful...just like their mamas! :-)