Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing in mama's toe shoes

Have I mentioned I am a hoarder? I am expecting the network truck to show up anyday to start viewing my house! With that said, I have to tell you.... I kinda LIKE being a hoarder. I LIKE my stuff. and with each piece of "Stuff", there's a story.
Take for instance, these toe shoes. They were my first. A girl's passage into "teenage-dom " in the ballet world!
I kept them along with every costume, my first ballet shoes, my baton, choir dresses, all cheerleading uniforms, .... you get the picture. I planned to put them in a shadow box. And still likely will, IF I can pry them from this little mongrel.
SHe comes in and announces, "Hey mom, LOOK!!!"
FIrst, I had no idea she knew what they were for! Second, I had NO idea she could go up on her toes like that! Way to go, Ellie Sue!
And while I am talking about Miss Sue. Jeggings. That's all I have to say about that! She ONLY wants to wear jeggings now! (You know, denim-ish leggings!)
And what ballerina show would be complete without THIS trick?!
Best you wish you had this kind of entertainment at your house!!


Theresa Shirley said...

That's one smart girl--she's been paying attention! She is a never-ending source of entertainment :) So glad you share her antics with us!

tricia said...

That Ellie is a one woman show! i think you can forget about the shadow box;Ellie has other designs for your saved items.

Sandy said...

I can only imagine EVERY single day with this child. She is a HOOT!! VERY smart, strong will, determined Hoot!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, do I ever wish I had me some Ellie Sue entertainment!! I think she's going to be one of those girls that all the other girls envy and say to themselves, "is there ANY THING that Ellie Sue Groves cannot do?" LOL You go, Ellie....knock all there socks off. On another note, I dont think I have ever seen a picture of Ellie where she has not had a huge smile on her face!! Thats one happy "big girl" you have!!!

Amy K said...

Mo, I am envious that you have all that awesome stuff from your childhood! Unfortunately, my mom never saved that kind of stuff for me, and it makes me sad; however, because of that I have saved my kids' things for them to decide what to do with it when they're grown.
That Ellie is so talented in all she does!

snekcip said...

If ballet is not in her future, I do see a Ringling, Barnum and Bailey contortionist for sure!!

Renee said...

I'm thinking Ellie appreciates your hoarding. As long as you not hiding any dead cats or years old empty pizza boxes I think you'll be OK. You can so see the pride on her face. Too precious.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
That Ellie, she is such a smartie pants! That girl really is something else....(but I'm sure you knew that already...)
Really & true, she is ahead of herself. And how she gets "on point" - WOW!!
Your posts are always fun & happy and I love seeing her latest & greatest!
Have a great day,
Diana from Colorado

Beverly said...

I would LOVE to have that entertainment at my house. She's like the energizer bunny.

Lollipop Lips said...

I love the toe shoes. Your girls are too cute! I was looking at your other blogs and I have to ask, what is the name of the color and brand of the "blue" in Ellie's room? I LOVE it!