Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ellie playing with baby dolls... a rarity!

I wandered up on this! A rare moment with Ellie not being destructive and instead, pretending with her baby dolls.
She was talking to them and adding all kinds of inflection in her voice, like," Are you Ok? Do you need your mama?"
"Here, you sit right here by me."
"Do you want to go for a little ride? Get in here with BOots."
"There now. Are you comfortable? Do you want mama to push you?"

Let me pause to say I found this snowman on our girls' trip last weekend. Funny thing is...I didn't even know it was a tree topper. I just thought it'd be cute sitting on a shelf in her room. Lucky!
Ellie was helping me, by the way, with decorating this tree. THis is one of her branches. She says, "It's our fam-i-ly." That's pretty special! You KNOW I can't mess with this little cluster!
THis little girl is so full of life!
"Do you need to come sit in mama's lap? Hmmm? Do you?"
"OK, then. Let mama hold you. I will rock you. Therrrrre now."
I expect the baby love from Gabbi. But I just don't usually see all this mama'ing from Miss Suzy.

And while "Sissy" was playing babies (have I mentioned Gabbi ONLY calls her "sissy"? I don't know where she gets it, because we've never referred to her as Sissy. She cannot, on the other hand, say Ellie!), Miss Gabbi Girl was making herself a little snack.
Lately, she is into her tiny plates and cups and such, so I try to put her little snacky snacks on those plates.
I LOVE this chandelier in Gabbi Girls' room. Have I ever shown it? ! I bought it at the auction at the Shake 4 Jake last year. It is perfect. (even missing about 4 bulbs!)
Guess who fixed Miss Suzy's hair!!
"Ok, babies, I think we need to go now. You feel ok? You need mama to carry you?"
"There, there now. Mama's got you!"
Seriously, this dialog went on and on and on. THe kid didn't stop talking. THAT you can probably imagine!
SHe is a fun one to have around.

Happy SUnday, y'all!



tricia said...

such precious moments to capture! Her room looks so bright&cheery

Cristy said...

You should take a close up picture of the ornament cluster, blow it up, and put her quote and the date on the back. Would be an awesome Christmas decoration for the wall and what a special memory!!!!

Martha from NC said...

How precious! I love it when my grandgirls play with their babies and pretend they're the "mama". Sounds like Ellie has the "mama" thing under control. Love your Christmas decorations. Kinda gets me in the "spirit".
Thanks again for sharing all those sweet times. Always makes me smile!

snekcip said...

I gotta say that I have a SNOWMAN TREE TOPPER similar to that! Yours is cute too!!! I got mine a couple years ago, after BEGGING the associate @ ~JCP~ to let me purchase it from a display! They are really funny abt selling "display items" LOL~~ Eventually a mgr agreed to let me buy it! That year I did a snowman tree! I already had the head, I help from the hubby and my brother who is artistically inclined and we had "stick arms" welded to the "center pole" of the tree and found some old workboots at a second hand store for the feet! I decorated the "body" of the tree w/various types of snowmen! I got so many compliments on that tree that year! I was pretty proud of it too! I chg my them each years, so this year is brown/gold.

Okay, now I gotta say...I LOVE THIS SIDE OF ELLIE!! There's nothing sweeter than seeing a little girl w/dolls and playing pretend!

Also love the "cluster" story!

Renee said...

Love the Christmas decor. And I'd leave that branch just like she put it too. I mean who can argue with that thought.

Amy K said...

I love Ellie's family branch - just perfect!