Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girls' Road Trip!!

So weekend before last, we, the gang, decided we needed a roadtrip to Shreveport, about an hour away, to check out a way cool decorating place for our Christmas decor needs.

Please note Pam THINKING she will not be in photos for the rest of the day! Ha! What a fool! Tashia was our fearless leader, and as Staci, Cindy, and I all predicted, one car would NEVER support the bags that we KNEW would be coming home with us!
As with any roadtrip, there were mishaps! Paula lost her cellphone. That's like losing a pet these days! MUST. FIND. PHONE!
But there was not enough room for the scavenging, so Pammie had to "hop" right in the back. At our age, no one "hops" anywhere!!
And as usual, Cindy took this opportunity to bother Paula. We all kinda have the aggravation gene, remember?
And then we stopped at Posado's. OUR FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in the WORLD! Yes, WORLD!
Hey, there's Pam. And Pam again!
And Pam again. And Staci Masey. I always used to call her that! Not Staci Massey. Staci Masey! It rhymed.
Cindy also felt confident I wouldn't post this picture of her. Silly girl! Silly, silly girl! Cindy, your nostrils flair when you are "being serious".
And Staci, we both know that your nostrils flair most all the time!

SO, anywho. It was fun, and I am glad I am always the one holding the camera!

And this is where we went. I think I may do a whole 'nother blog post only on Christmas ideas that I took pictures of while on this little roadtrip.
Things like THIS!
Our crew. Thick or thin! Now to get all of our Christmas decorations UP! (ANd for me... to get all my decorations back from Shreveport!! I KNEW we needed two cars!!)
Have a fun weekend with all your besties!


Beverly said...

OH WHAT FUN! Can't wait to see the decorating pics!

tricia said...

Looks like F U N !!! Can't wait to see decoration pictures

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I love that store! You can get some great ideas there!

Unknown said...

Melanie: I thought you were about to say yall went to Chinaberries. Have you been there? It's a MUST. Really. It's on Benton Rd north of 220. They just built a new store.

Off The Vine said...

Please post decorating pics! I am ready to start in my new house!