Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Well, it's that time of year.... we are decking the halls! And all Gabbi Girl wants to do is hug on the stuffed tigers that are supposed to be on Daddy's LSU tree! Can't keep Ellie out of the boxes. ANd can't keep Gabbi Girl out of the stuffed animals!

That kid loves animals!
Ellie is inspecting all of our equipment!
Yep. These work!
No lie. I bet I have gone through 25 Rubbermaids of Christmas decorations!!

But rest assured, when these things go BACK in those Rubbermaids, they will be labeled, organized, and made EASY for set up next year.
Dad's tree is always an easy one. If it is purple and gold or has a tiger stripe on it, it definitely has a home in the new Man Cave!

I have my bookshelves kinda going, and see all those boxes on my hearth? Well, I am doing my best to wait it out for a fresh tree for the family room. But, I am having Thanksgiving at my house, so I MUSt have all of this mess cleaned up and hanging on a tree. Regardless of whether it is a real or fake one! Come on tree farms, I need ya'!
Of those 25 boxes, that is what is left to be put up...
Oh yeah, and all of this!

I had fun with the girls "helping" me! They are getting old enough to be interested in the ornaments and decorate the tree. Especially Ellie.
Last year I didn't DARE put my fancy ornaments on the tree. Ellie as a two year old meant show restraint in the decorating department. This year, she is a little older and more mature. Gabbi doesnt' have that same busyness factor, so I have been able to put everything I want on their/ our trees and nothing has really been bothered.
We now only have to figure out where our big tree is going. Todd and I have differing opinions. Apparenly, Ellie has her own opinion!
I am doing pinks, teals, lime green and white in Gabbi Lou's room. It is my favorite tree!
I'll show it later this week. For now, enjoy THIS!!
And did I mention it is 11/11 and I have thought about my Jake all day long! I am thankful just to have known him! And very thankful that I have the confidence that I will see him again someday. :)


kimybeee said...

really cute - i love the look on ellie sue's face while she is checking out the lights. just forego the real tree and get the biggest fake one you can afford and put it wherever ellie wants it!

i just bought my daughter a grinch like tree that bends over at the top and she put it where she wanted it in our house. she is 16, but i still would have let her decide. it is fancy and sparkly decorated with hot pink and black and silver and has long pink sparklies on the bendy part and she put some feathers in it. she wants to use penguins but we don't have very many yet, but we are collecting them for her as we go. i love the penguins, but the other stuff is kinda out of place in my house with all the antiques and primitive stuff, but she wanted it and she won't live here forever - so we did it while our men folk were out hunting. now i will put up my santa tree and my snowman tree and maybe a primitive tree too. i always do things different every year anyway.

looking forward to seeing how all yours turns out. don't forget to stop and enjoy all the little things. and the jake memories too!

Jen said...

Does Gabbi have the critter clinic ( I have a little animal lover the same age as yours, and she L-O-V-E-S hers! The adorable pic of her hugging the tigers made me think of it.

Love the Christmas decorations. You're way ahead of me!

Amy K said...

You are the decorating queen!!! It's no question where Ellie gets her need to accessorize!
I can't wait to see your finished photos.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ That little Gabbi is just an adorable, loving little girl - who looks so sweet and kind with those LSU tigers.
And the look on Ellie's face with the tree lights - she WAS going to figure that out by hook or by crook!! VERY determined indeed - and oh so cute!!!
How nice to be decorating your new BAH with your two helpers - it does not get any better than that.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

jmckemie said...

Got a Hobby Lobby near you? They have all their trees half off this week and have some really pretty "fake" ones if you need to go that route.
No real ones available yet here in St. Louis, either. Should start seeing them MAYBE next weekend. But, I am always concerned about bringing a live tree inside too early anyway.
Beautiful girls, beautiful memories you are making.

Kenzie Holley said...

Oh my! What cute girlies! They are getting so BIG! :)

Beverly said...

That Ellie looks so determined plugging in those lights! I love that Gabbi loves animals. This Christmas will be so exciting in your new house. It's wonderful that you can go whole hog on the decorations. I can't wait to see the end results!!!!!

Renee said...

Your BAH will be awesome with all it's festive decor. Keep the pics coming.

Dawn said...

I have a picture of Shae playing with the lights too. And yes, he is sitting right next to the outlet. My mother still fusses at me about letting play with the lights. He was so fascinated with how they worked and loved testing every strand. Oh I miss that boy! I know the Groves will have the best Christmas yet in the new BAH!

Beth E. said...

Sounds like a lot of fun AND a lot of work! More power to ya, girl...the older I get, the less I want to do in the decorating department. Shew...

breanna said...

what!?!?! thanksgiving at your house!!!! that means you will be in town and we can finish your art room :)

go order those paper stackers right now...i think it was 36? i'm not sure! i am soooooo excited! i can't wait to see all the decor up...i know it will be even more fabulous in person :)