Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fixing her own hair... clippie!

ALright people. Get ready for this one! Two days ago, fresh out of the tub...
Ellie prances in, totally dressed, including purple polka dotted espadrilles, and announces, "I need a clippie for my hair."
Well, don't let me stop ya', sista! Here ya go. A clippie!
Now what are you gonna do with it?!
Ok, mom. I'll SHOW you what I'm gonna do with it!
Yeah, not bad, Ellie. Pretty good effort!
But she needed to go the extra mile.
I mean, really... have you ever seen a three year old use a clippie?!
She has seen me doing this, and she imitates everything I do!
That holding it with the mouth thing cracked me slap up!

And then, TA DAAAAHHH!!
I gotta say, I am impressed.
Just maybe not as impressed as she is at herself!
I kinda don't expect low self esteem to be her problem!
Would you look at that pose?!
Ha. This little girl cracks me up!!


Kelly said...

That kid is a CRACK UP!! So cute! She reminds me so much of my Jenna. Have you seen her poses on my fb page?? I need to get them on my blog too. This girls are too much!

Theresa Shirley said...

Lord Have Mercy!!! That child is a mess!!Pretty soon she's gonna be asking for a car--and fully expecting to get it!!

kimybeee said...

this could be ellie's first day of school photo! she is such an adorable little poot! love her and her antics! you are for sure the perfect momma for that baby girl cause you let her little light shine bright and beautiful!

Sandy said...

yep I think you are soo right Low self esteem will NOT be Ellie's problem!! Love her lil poses!! That child is just shear joy!!!

Holly said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a sweetie!

tricia said...

Oh Lordy she's got 'attitude'!! You're right...no self esteem issues there!

Unknown said...

She is just too cute. She has the pose thing going on for sure. I know she is a mess. My little boy is 3 as well and he thinks he is a grown up too. I guess him being around adults most of the time does it for him.

Amy K said...

Oh my gosh...that girl literally cracks me up. Those poses are somethin' else!
She did an awesome job on her hair. When my girls were 3 they certainly weren't able to do that.
Wait until you're trying to get out the door, but have to wait because she's still dollin' up in front of the mirror.....:)

Tracey said...

Love the poses while she was fixing her clippie!! She is hysterical! Definitely not going to have self esteem issues. Mo you have done an awesome job letting Ellie be Ellie!!

Beverly said...

That is a hoot! She is the most entertaining child I've ever 'known'. I can't wait to see what the years bring.

Shannon said...

Ellie Sue you crack me up!!!

Zhohn said...

I LOVE Ellie!!! So cute and so independent.

Jennifer Smith said...

Awesome Ellie! But pretty sure I should stop looking at your blog before bed - last night was not the first time I have dreamt that I was there with you all playing with the little kids and partying with the big kids!

Roberta said...

Ellie is growing up way to dang fast. And now she is using a clippie and doing her own hair. What next? The pictures are always wonderful and I enjoy so much seeing all of them. Keep posting and blogging!