Monday, November 8, 2010

LSU rolled the Tide!

Ok, in case you didn't know it... LSU whipped up on some Alabama last weekend!! Sorry. It had to be said. If you are a Saban fan, sorry! We are not! And we were excited to have this big win! With that said...

All were present in their purple and gold! Ellie and Maddi began the night with a big ol' game of hide and seek. That is Carson and Ethan being FOUND under the stairs! ANd naturally, I was ready for the guests with purple and gold!!
And the LSU tree was decked and ready for viewing!
Drew and Don were game ready, occupying the main spots in the two recliners.
While these three had "Business" to tend to before kickoff of many games. Gentlemen, place your bets!
I was just so proud that I had my CHristmas decorations, for the most part, up and looking very appropriate for the big game!
The two little girls who were busy chasing and finding the big boys were constantly on the go!
Later in the night, Maddi shed her purple skirt and was just walking around with a tee shirt and these tiger striped tights. I swear if she had a pair of pumps she could pass for a "lady of the night"! Just sayin'!
They have so much fun together lately! Ellie wakes up wanting to go to Maddi's. First thing out of her mouth when I pick her up from school is , "Mom, can we get Maddi to come over to our house?" Followed by, "mom, can I go over to Maddi's house" or maybe, "Mom, can Maddi come over and ride bikes with me?". You get the picture.
Poor little ol' gabbi Girl. Good thing she is one with the animals!
Now I am telling you... these pictures are remarkable! This is Crazy Daisy. Daisy is crazy because she is old and hornery! And I mean EVERYBODY knows this. No one's kid is allowed to touch her because she snips and them.
I suppose because Gabbi grew up around Daisy and my saying, "Easy Daisy. Be sweet, Gabbi." , she just toelrates all Gabbi's handling. She has never snipped at Gabbi Girl. Thankfully! Because Gabbi LOVES Daisy... crazy or not!!
This is Carson. Ellie can't even say his name without grinning. She even says, "There's Carrrrson" when she sees his picture. She actually "likes" him! I cannot believe my baby has a crush. I don't condone it, believe me! I don't even know how she knows to like a boy. But she has always really liked Carson!
This baby girl really LIKES her mama! ANd that is just fine with me!
This is the group of girls who hung out around the house all night. Far left Ellie Sue. Far in the back, her hero!
As I was photographing them, I noticed Todd the Bod out there on his grill. The one he has never used before with a big group of folks!

He decided he wanted to put his grill on wheels vs. having it built in, i.e. an outdoor kitchen. It was for days like today when he wanted to push it out from under the verandah and soak up a little sun while not letting the smoke get trapped up under the roof. But notice his "stage".
Trust me when I say that Todd is a big ol' boy! He's about 6'4"ish and large scale all over! He has to use this step up to cook on his own grill.
He says he likes it because it keeps his short little friends, like Johnnye, from fooling with his gear! Ha.
These are the wives. Or at least some of them.... Jennifer, who married my cousin, Drew. Paula, wife of Johnnye, best friend, next door neighbor, and co-cheerleader since 6th grade!, Me, Kori, wife of Bo and my wine drinking buddy last week when I needed decorating advice. and Bradilyn, wife of Eddie, and Jansen's mom. (You'll see Jansen in a minute!)
Oh, and there's Staci. Sister to melanie, wife to Don, owner of Crocs.
Here's Shad. Used to be husband to one of my good friends. Still a good friend. So is Shad. Long story. Sometimes that happens.
ANd here's Bo, husband to Kori, my wine drinking buddy, and Don.
Staci made a public declaration on our girls' trip out of town last weekend that people have really been not "Showing Up" in the area of dips and snacks. What she went on to say is that we have really deteriorated in the quality of what people are bringing to our gatherings. She told us she was quite disappointed. Well, it seems everyon listened! When I tell you there was food..... buddy, I mean F-O-O-D!
Todd made gumbo which was absolutely unbelievable. And Tashia, here, made Polish Mistakes. Of course, I thought it was Polishman Steaks. So, mom, which is it?!
We had a pretty big gathering of junior high and high schoolers. WHen you have that crowd, you are doing something RIGHT!
Oh, and see that cookie sheet above? We were trying to learn to use Sculpey clay to make ornaments for a fundraiser coming up soon. They only turned out "ok". I'll give em a C!
Our weather right now is awesome! Cool enough to sit outside. Great for leaving the doors and windows open.

All these rocking chairs. Makes me feel like we are at the Cracker Barrel!
Todd pretty much dwelled in the Man Cave!
While the girlies migrated to the back porch. The one that will soon be screened in!
Yep. that'd be Ellie Sue with her tongue all poked out!
ANd as the night wore on, the costumes started coming out. We got one mean style show!!
Maddi and Jansen are both wearing dresses I wore in weddings when I was a little girl.
NOt sure what Ellie is wearing. But she looks pretty doggone proud!
ANd later... THIS!
Talk about "lady of the night". GEt some clothes on child!
We have such a good time with all our friends! In this season of Thanksgiving.... I am grateful for my friends!!


tricia said...

Looks like FUN times!

How do you choose amongst friends whose house you gather at to watch the game?

Amy K said...

Fun times will make wonderful memories. It looks like the BAH has become the perfect hangout!


kimybeee said...

awesome memory making time!!! glad you get to host and have all that fun in your bah! the decorations you have going so far look great and i would leave your lsu stuff up year round!

Amy said...

That looks like so much fun! My husband and I would like to make reservations for a weekend!

Sharidrew said...

I totally love your house!! Jealous!! Glad to see Todd is back to wearing his purple and the shoes! The girls are laugh out loud funny! I can just hear their giggles in the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs from Missouri,

Unknown said...

As a huge Auburn fan, I was screaming for LSU to beat Bama! Ha! So glad you guys won! :)
The party looks like so much fun, and your house looks awesome!

snekcip said...

Tell CRAZY DAISY she may have a sister in TEXAS! Psycho Paris (our schnauzer) is a HOT MESS! That dog is beyond help! Bree is her TWO BIT CHANGE though! She literally goes from cujo to Gomer Pyle when Bree steps in! I think she could give the DOG WHISPERER some stiff competition!!

Glad to see you guys had a blast! I call the "tail end" of the game and almost could hear you guys screaming from LA!!

Becky said...

It's official! I must move to Louisiana! You guys are ALWAYS having fun! We never have friends over and we never go out! My girls would LOVE your girls! So, make room! We're coming down!