Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fort Harrison... great party!

Alrighty, let me tell you about a COOL party we went to a couple of weekends ago.
Anytime there is a jumpy thing involved, Gabbi Girl is all over it!
I happened to have Ellie and Maddi with me too!
But for the VERY cooollest thing about the party...
a real, live ZIPline!
Maddi was the first of our group to try it.

And then came WILD CHILD!
As you can only imagine she thought this was the BOMB.COM!

ANything that involves danger, speed, and mean ol' boys... that is where you'll find Ellie!

This sucker was about 50' long. I was a little nervous about it at first, but all the kids really seemed to do great.
And then, this little precious thought she'd take a turn!
Umm... now that is my BABY! I am not so sure that is a good idea!

Ummm.... wait now. I don't know if my heart can take this!
Gabbi, I love you. Mama's right here!
ANd like that... she was at the other end!
And right back in line.
Of all three girls, she liked it the MOST!

The mama of the boys we were celebrating tagged a photo of me on Facebook of me running right along side Gabbi Girl. I probably ran the first five times... first trip, holding her hands on the chain. Second trip, touching her back and seeing if she'd hold the chains herself. Third trip, I just ran alongside her, just in case, you know? and so it went....
Until finally, I just let er rip!
Ellie and Maddi preferred the jeeps to the zipline.
I think Santa better be paying attention to this! I think he knows what needs to be at our house come Christmas morning!

And, well, would you looky here... Gabbi Girl is back at the zipline!
And look at that girl's grip!
Do you think she is in Hog Heaven or what?!
They are all blurry because I am very likely still running alongside her at this point.
But after all... she's my BABY!
And wheeeeee... away she goes. That nice guy at the end kept them from hitting a tree!
Oh, and let's give credit where credit's due. Breanna made these super cute little witch hat shirts for my girls. Thank you Bre!
I know there are so many of these pics, but I seriously was mesmerized that she could function so well.
And these two... well, they were just buzzing along all over the place.
I am having flash forward visions of teenagers, pulling out of the driveway, rolling their eyes as I say, "Call me when you get there. I MEAN it!!"

The theme of the party was Army Party.
And it was really one of the funnest parties we have been to in a while!
That's Stan, far right. He created the zip line. Hey, Stan. Please come hang one at our house. permanently!
Rebecca, the boys' mom, did a good job sticking with the theme.
ANd because she has two boys. .. ELEVEN months apart... they shared a birthday party!
Bless her heart. I feel it, girl. Mine are 13 months apart. We are right there with ya.
But, all in all, it was great fun! We had a ball. Thanks for inviting us to your party Harrison boys.


Amy K said...

How FUN! I can't believe how fearless Gabbi is. Love the zipline idea.

Zhohn said...

AWESOME GABBI!!! She is such a big girl now, love the pics of her on the zipline.
Ellie & Maddi cruising in the "cars" are great.

Thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ That look on Ellie's face doing the zip line.....beyond precious. Gabbi girl is not going to be left in the dust - that's for sure - you go girl, right up there with your sister & cousin.
I also like that Maddi lets Ellie drive....I wonder how long that will last? Too cute, that's for sure.
Just when I think I have seen the most darling pictures, you have more - good for you.
Looks like a fun day was had by all.
Have a great Thursday,
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

Now that is a cute theme!! It's good to see a BOYS PARTY w/a cute theme!! Good job HARRISON family! The girls look like they had a blast *no pun intended* LOL!!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the green color in your entry way? I love it and am looking for a green for an accent wall in my living room.

connie said...

oh how fun that zip like looked and gabbi girl looked so cute and looked like she was having a blast going back and forth ohh ellie and maddie looked like they was having a grand time riding in that army car riding all over the place yes santa better be paying attention to this looks like the party was so much fun love your pics cant wait til your next blog hugs

Molly said...

What a fun party! Love the zipline idea. I cannot get over how grown up those sweet girls look, especially GG.

rebeccabrabb said...

tell bakersdozen that louisburg green is the color in the entry hall. i got it from benjamin moore.

Carolyn said...

Mo ~ ride on toys are the BEST, but get the quad-looking ones. They go up to 125# and the kids still fit on them when the legs get too long to get into a car/jeep :) and trust me, it happens sooner than you think!!

PS ~ been a lurker since before you had babies!!! My boy is Jake's age.....enough said.

Sandy said...

LOOOVE it. Gabbi is growing up WAY to fast as Ellie!! Looks like you may want to tell Santa to add a Swing set to the list too!!She may actually enjoy it with OUT you having a heart attack!!!

Carrie said...

That party looks like a BLAST! Way to go Gabbi!! So impressed. We have a battery operated gator and our kids love have to get the girls some kind of vehicle. It will be hours of fun and your hands and hip will be free :)

Beth E. said...

Okay...I've gotta see the pic of you with Gabbi. Heading over to FB NOW! lol

What a great party theme. It's obvious that everyone had a blast!

breanna said...

whoah...gabbi girl was BRAVE!!!! maybe if you had a zipline at your house, she would get off your hip :)
i can't believe you got ellie in her shirt!! they looked adorable!!