Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A few little house details....

To share with you a few little peeks into our barely moved into home...I knew I wanted to hang this big picture of my girls on this wall, and I knew I had this piece of furniture in storage (for about three years!!), so when we moved in, I was glad to see that it all really worked ok together.
I also had this coffee table, that I really bought WAY too spur of the moment. I didn't really think this one through. But, since I was ready to move in and didn't have a decorating budget, I kept the big red chair and bought a rug to kinda pull it all together.
A little bit cluttery visually, but it works in a pinch!

I had a bunch of picture frames too that I have collected for "Someday when we build a house". Glad I finally got to use them!
And then there are the cabinets in the den. They are tall and need lots of things to fill them up! I put all my Blog Books in the cabinets. I also have a special little nook for Jake. I have since added his baby doll that has "buddies". ANyone remember what those were? They were his central line cords where meds and chemo were administered into his chest. His baby doll had some too.
I love my big blog books in my shelves, and I made a special little nook for Jake's stuff. The book says, "Wonder what you do on your first day in Heaven." I have since added Jake's doll which had "buddies". Anyone who has followed us for anytime knows that that is what Jake called his central line which hung out of his chest. It is where his meds were administered as well as that gross chemo.
I'm skipping big chunks, but went around taking pics of things here and there to show you a little of what I've been doing for the past month.
I may have shown this, but I opted against a headboard and created one out of photos and a mantle. I love Ellie's bedding and gotta give big props to Miss Rosie, who made it just exactly like I imagined. The climbing area/ loft will have coordinating bedding. Mostly orange and white polka dots to coordinate with that big bolster pillow.
Even though I love it, Ellie still reminds me that she wanted a BLUE room. Blue is her favorite color. (Suddenly... and very passionately!)
I LOVE Gabbi Girl's room. It is so her! This is the bedding I switched to from that white quilt. I have had it forever and was the first bedding I bought for Ellie Sue's room when she was born. The room upstairs at our old house which she never hardly stepped foot in!
Ellie is sitting beside me as I type, and as I scrolled to this picture she said, "I want a blue room!". Ugh! I still gotta work on window treatments and filling those shelves. Oh... and a lampshade!
But you get the picture.
Have I mentioned what an excellent decision I made to move my cottage? Just wondering!
And have I mentioned what an excellent decision it was to build a back deck?
And so far, I am loving my cabinets! Wasn't sure how green would be in the "long run", but I am loving it! ANd soooooo glad I went against the advice of others and built those little niches in my tub surround. I also did it in the shower. I LOVE them! They hold lots of Funny Foam, swimming Barbies, shower gels, etc.
My friend and a PT at my office, Becky, took this pic of my girls. I LOVE having it front and center in the heart of my house, above the stove.
Oh, know what else I like? I love those little Halloween figurines that I put out for seasonal decorating!

Todd the Bod had SO many LSU "treasures" that we just filled a whole wall with them!
In decorating, I am a "more is more" kinda gal!
Although blurry, I have a great pic of Jake in this pumpkin frame. I put annual pics in seasonal frames every year! In fact, above the stove , in a prior picture, note a frame far left... it is the three boys in their Halloween costumes when Jake was only about a year old. I just box them all up and pull them out the next year when I get out the Halloween decorations! I LOVE being re-surprised by what all are in there. I just got out the Christmas boxes, so had that happy surprise all over again!

THis is a view from Todd's game room into the den and dining room off to the left.
ANd this is the computer nook, coffee pot area, microwave space.
Now I have added an orange velvet chair to the little knee space!
Poor little dead mums!
ANd now a little look into my art room, which is on its way to fabulosity!
A bit junky yet, but I have a little bit of a plan now at least. (Breanna, don't freak! This is PRIOR to our organizing session til 4 am!)
This is where I start realizing I am a hoarder!
Breanna is the ultimate organizer! In fact, I no longer have these boxes in my art room! These stamps have been neatly stored in the black cabinetry! ANd beads/ silver have replaced the stamps, using the drawers in my workshop now. Breanna said ABSOLUTELY NOT to beads being in my art room too!

Wonder why I have all these permanent markers above the cabinet and FAR out of reach of a toddler... even when they attempt with pulling up a chair AND a stool!
I didn't think I would need them, but I was so wrong! I had to use my vertical storage system from my old house to store all the little goodies that I cannot part with !
In fact, since these were taken, I have added another square on the wall, and a big ol bulletin board too!
Now THIS I love! I bought it at Canton! It was a rickety ol cart, and I knew when I saw it, I HAD to have it!

I use it to keep all of my mini albums within close reach for me and all who visit to check out.
Adhesive anyone?! NO, really!

Or buttons?! Yum! I love buttons!
Here's Todd the Bod when he was a young chap! I had to have this in my art room to make me smile!
ANd there are still BOXES of things to unload! Come back, BREANNA!!!
Do you have that friend, who, just the sheer presence of makes you somehow get your behind in gear? That's my Breanna. She gets me all focused and encouraged that, basically, we can eat an elephant a bite at a time. You know that feeling?!

See ya' tomorrow!



Amy K said...

It's all just gorgeous! I love, love, love your art room/studio, and that chandelier in there is awesome.
Love the tall, arched windows, your wood floors, all the built in cabinetry, colors, girls' bedding. I could go on and on...what a wonderful place to call home!

Kathryn said...

We have lived here four years, and you know my room. It is still evolving. What I am finding is that I need to figure out a way to have different things handy at different times. Sewing right now is paramount, but next might be scrapping, or painting, or maybe red work. I am finding drawers are working for me, but not as well as I had hoped. I love your room!

Beverly said...

I'm so jealous. I have no room at my little house for all my cherished craft 'stuff'. BUT I do have a friend who is going to help me organize! Aren't we lucky? I can't wait for her to come help me. Love your house, especially Gabbi's room - that's my favorite.

Zhohn said...

Thanks for sharing! Everything is beautiful. I love Ellie's room!

Sarah said...

Your house is amazing! I love it and want to come live in your cottage!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl art in Gabbi's room! Morgan just pledged Chi O so we are in love with owls... maybe I can get you to paint some for her (in your "spare" time - LOL)!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Your house is just beautiful! You did a great job!
The girls rooms are just adorable (do they sleep in them yet?)
So, Ellie wants a blue room????? You do not look like a "blue" person. I am not a "blue" I love green, red, gold etc. Ellie MIGHT change her mind - ya think????
Todd's man cave looks really good - he did a good job (or was that you?)Either way, the whole house looks wonderful.
I HATE to keep asking, but do you think you will have time this year to do the Christmas canvases? If so, I would like to put my order in. Please let me know if I should put my request on here, or email you at another address.
Have a great day,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

Everything is just gorgeous! I'm loving Gabby's room. The light coming in is perfect

Audrea said...

Love your house. You have decorated it beautifully. I just love all the colors you have used throughout the house and I love all the pictures!

connie said...

oh my i love your house all the rooms are conming along just fine i love all the colors you have used and ohhh mee i love your art room and all the stuff you have man i wish i had as much as you. you said anyone want this Adhesive gosh u have alot i would love to have as much as you do.. did you get my messages? have fun finishing your house its so nice and cosey. cant wait to see more and cant wait till you do more kits for us to do.. hugs to you and your family.

Mindy said...

Love it! Everything is gorgeous! Can't wait for the first art retreat! We will be looking for houses over the next few months and you KNOW my art room is right up there at the top of my list of must haves!

Renee said...

WOW! The BAH is the!! Love all the pictures esp. the one above your stove.

Michele said...

Your home is lovely!!! It is beautful, cozy, warm, and fun!! What a great space you have created. Congratulations!!

Becky said...

It looks great, Mel!! Does that orange candle go in the orange room? Was hoping it would!! Fun to see all the pics out and about!! :-) See you in the AM!

breanna said...

oh goodness!!! you had me worried for a minute!!! i'm just glad those are before pictures :)