Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello there. I am home sick with the CRUD. I tried to start the Christmas decorating last night, and it seems that the funk that was stored in the boxes along with all the garland dust and glittery goodness got all up in my nostrils and had a party. I knew last night that I would be sick today. I was sneezing my head off, and usually that means severe allergens and a miserable night. I was right! Anywhooo....I'll post as soon as I am up to the challenge!



SamC said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Sharidrew said...

PO MO!! I hope you feel better! Get you a neti pot! They are amazing at clearing all those nasty's out of your nose!

Hope you feel better for the weekend.

Hugs from Missouri,

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Oh so you moved the dust from your old house to the new... NICE!
If you ever want more dust you are welcome to visit our house and take even more dust home! :)

We hope you feel better soon, relax in some comfy PJ's and enjoy a day of nesting and feeling better soon.

Denise said...

Mo - That same thing happened to me about a month ago when i was cleaning out the garage!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Its really yucky to feel bad and have babies to take care of!

snekcip said...

Well darn woman!!! Now you sneezing all over the Christmas ornaments!!! That "kinda green" is not cute on ANY Christmas deco!! Go get you some rest and don't let me catch you back on here OR facebook until you darn well recovered!!

Sending some VIRTUAL HUGS from TX!!!

Cori said...

Hope you feel better soon and the girls don't get sick!! You have done a beautiful job with the house and I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations.
I was wondering if you would be willing to comment or email me the name of where you ordered your canvases from and if you did a wrap or just had a solid color border. My cousin wants to order a canvas of a picture I took of her daughter and I actually never ordered a canvas of any of my pictures yet. thank you!!

GLOANN said...

Sorry you're not well and hope you'll be bouncing back real quick.

Becky said...

Feel better soon......... Also, loved the zip line pictures - who would have thought!

Beth E. said...

Feel better soon! I agree with Sharidrew about the neti pot. They are sold at CVS under the brand name SinuCleanse: