Friday, November 5, 2010

Jessica's wedding.

Well, hello there, Gary. Usher. Son of Karl. Chosen one of Jessica. Smiler with no teeth. Let me tell you about a wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago.
It was for one of my precious therapists, Jessica. She has been on a major countdown since engagement, and finally the big day arrived.
I really LOVE a fall wedding. Todd and I got married Sept. 28th, so it was officially fall-ish! The weather on this particular day reminded me so much of the day Todd and I got married. Just a fresh little nip in the air after a miserably HOT Louisiana summer. When the weather first gets a little cool, everyone is in a good mood.
This is Matt.
He was the pianist/ singer. He was also the electrician for the BAH. Interesting,huh?
And I LOVED the fact that Jessica's one and only niece was carried down by her little sister. Jessica is the big sister of 4 siblings. Isn't that right, Jess?!

And this is the Sephster. Seph has been one of my patients since he was one year old. He has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and is doing fabulously! He has kinda loved Jessica ever since he was put on her caseload at work. And she kinda loves him.
So much that she asked him to be her ring bearer. Slow, Seph. Sloooooowww...

ANd this is the beautiful, beaming bride. All who know her absolutely adore her. She has a precious spirit!
So sweet. So pure. This is what a wedding should be like. I hope my babies grow up with the moral code that Jessica's parents instilled in her!
She SANG to Shawn. Now that's not something you see every day. She is on the praise and worship team at her church and has an unbelievable voice!
And then they were one...
This was my favorite thing about the whole shindig. These little cards were on the table at the reception.
I saw the first one, answered it, and thought all the other cards on the table were the same.
And then I realized I had more work to do!
Have I mentioned I don't get manicures? I don't.
Isn't this the cutest?

One of the cards said, "How many kids do you think they will have?"
Gosh... I am thinking I should HAVE manicures!
This is Kim. Also a physical therapist at one of my offices. She is always there to support her co-workers. I love that!

And this is me swooning over the Reeses cup groom's cake with chocolate covered EVERYTHING!
Seriously! I need to go to more weddings like that!
Or maybe not!
This is Mrs. Peavehouse. She is a friend and one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever known. And also one of Jessica's patients. They are great friends! Me and SEph-dawg!
ANd WOW did I mention how awesome the bridesmaids' earrings were?!
Mo BEADS, thank you very much!
And I made a special pair for the bride or her mom whoever decides they can't live without them!
Apparenty Jessica DOES get manicures.
One of my blog readers, Kellye, walks with this lovely lady every morning. EVERY morning. Ugh. I wish had that fortitude. Anyway, Kellye, she said "hi"!
Also like mine and Todd's wedding, it was outside!
Actually, only Jessica's reception. Mine and TG's whole wedding was outside!
This is Patchez. She is an OT at my office. LOVE her too!
Jess, it was a beautiful wedding!
I wish you all the joy and happiness your little heart can stand!


Amy said...

Beautiful wedding!! I'm going to a wedding today! I really can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. To watch your family grow is such a gift. The way you have handled Jake and now your girls is awesome. You have given me so much hope over the years. My husband loves all your pictures too!!

kimybeee said...

that was a lovely wedding - love the color scheme and all the fall touches! the reese table seriously - everything on that table needed licked!!!!

i am just curious about one thing - what were you wearing to that wedding??? lol

you would probably enjoy manicures, but you get into too much crafty painty stuff to maintain one. i am the same way. it think the french tips are so pretty and i am not a girly girl at all. i just usually have hands that look awful and are dry and stained looking. right now my hands feel like 80grit sandpaper cause i have been crafty lately too!

tricia said...

lovely pictures. the bride is beautiful.

snekcip said...

Beautiful Bride/Handsome Groom and awesome wedding! I just love OUTDOOR WEDDINGS!!!

breanna said...

LOVE the flowers in the pumpkins!!! i'm definitely going to file that idea away :)