Sunday, November 7, 2010


We have had a full, full weekend full of buddies! A BIG win over Alabama Saturday night was celebrated at our house. YES, of course, I have hundreds of pictures, but a full and bogged down computer, so no energy on that one tonight. Anybody a Mac person and want to fly down here and spend some QT with me and my computre, external harddrives, printer, etc?! That'd be so great!

Anyway, I don't remember if I ever posted the above picture. My buds and I went to the movie, EAT, PRAY , LOVE. You know, with Julia Roberts. I actually didn't hear a lot of buzz about that one, but I, personally, LOVED it! Did you see it? What'd you think?!

Oh, and I am starting to get canvas and jewelry requests. I need to get a list going.... if you are interested, now is the time to let me know. I have limited time, so there will be limited canvases going out this year. Although I did make 35 (!!) pairs of earrings this weekend AND finished this year's Halloween mini scrapbook! Gooooo, meeeee!! A very, very productive weekend. Around the house, anyway!

See ya' tomorrow!! Mo


Vicki P said...

Mel I want you do paint a canvas for my dining room. We need to talk!

melanie said...

iDoctors didnt help?!

Sparks said...

I would love some bracelts for my three girls if you have time. What would you need?

tricia said...

haven't seen the movie but heard good reviews.

i thought you brought the computer in to an expert?

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I am letting you know of my request for a Christmas canvas. I would like the one you do with "presents". Could you please add all of our names - they are: Mike, Diana, Jackie, Victoria & Katie and our last name is: Wolz
If you will be contacting me, my home number is: (303) 470-6355 and my cell number is: (720) 371-4850.
I REALLY appreciate your willingness to do this! Oh, I am so excited about this canvas.
Thanks again, MO
Diana from Colorado

Brandilyn said...

Mo, we had so much fun. I love your house. I was so impressed that you had three christmas trees decorated and almost finished with your house. And I love my earrings. They are fabulous! I will take a pic and post on facebook. You are so very talented sister and a joy to be around. I know my daughter had as much fun as I did, she woke up talking about her friends and of course the dogs. I want to get together with my photos, and do some scraping... you being moral support and I can watch you paint! Got to get some photos developed this week. Love:)

Sparks said...

Oh and I forgot to ask, can I possibly get a few of those cute headbands also with the fabric flowers? your awesome!!
my email is