Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hallellujah! In-laws made it in. 30 KD necklaces are complete. I did my speaking gig at the event and it was hugely successful, and I have all the supplies in order to make 6 bridesmaids' earrings for a wedding on Saturday. I have the bulk of the "stuff" in my rearview mirror!

I don't, however, have new pics loaded up on my puter. So, please look back and enjoy these of my kid with her tutu in a wad! This was also a dance costume of mine when I was a little girl!
I'm thinking we didnt' wear it with a brown and white tank top. Or black tights. Or a big brown flower in our hair.
But it true Ellie style, that is the way she will wear it. Oh, and with a red purse!
And purple and white polka dotted espadrilles!
ANd purple metallic shades. Duh!
And a black skull watch from a happy meal!
My kid's got flair. That is for dang sure!
Oh, also got a deck, sod, mums, a fountain, a new rug, 2 new foyer tables, a new animal skin entry rug, and numerous accessories to share soon! AND Ellie's new bedding and a do it yourself (with your dad and stepmom) project that left Gabbi Girl's room the talk of the town! All coming soon!
thanks for all the encouragement as of late.


Amy K said...

Oh, can't wait to see this project. Another great post...that Ellie is such a hoot!
Enjoy your visit with your inlaws.

Many blessings this Friday...

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow woman! You need a yourself!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
So glad to hear that you are catching up and not so stressed out - good. And the in-laws arrived safe & sound (that will be a wonderful help)
That Ellie - just too funny with her get-ups - she does not miss a trick! Way to go Ellie!!
Have a wonderful weekend with your family.
Diana from Colorado

Kathryn said...

Boy, you are busy! All to the good. I am making quilts for Christmas, and that three week hospital stay did not one good thing for my schedule. Neither did the two-week do nothing after here at home. But, now I am off and going, albeit at a snail's pace. Oh, well. It counts!

Can't wait for the pics.

That child reminds me so much of our baby girl, now 26. She would come out of her room in the most gawd-awful mix of stuff you'd ever want to see. Thankfully, it passed by the time she started kindy!

tricia said...

Ellie is her own woman;just as it should be!

Can't wait to see new pics and have a great time with the in laws!

Zhohn said...

Oh i'm so excited for the blogs to come! Ready for pics of all the new stuff!!!

You're wonder woman Mo! Try and relax this weekend and enjoy your inlaws.

Becky said...

I love that kids style!

Sharidrew said...

I LOVE your floors!! Dude! I want those floors in my house. Seriously!! They are so pretty.

Happy weekend! Maybe you will get a minute to relax!

Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

Wow, just kinda glancing at backgrounds of pics the BAH is awesome! Can't wait to see GG's room. Hang in there! You seem like you are very close to catching up.

connie said...

i love the pics and i cant wait to see the project and i want to see the necklaces you made and the ear rings your going to be making today or have u made them already? i have been asked to do some jewelry for a wedding in april next year so im looking forward to doing them. and today is my birthday im going out to eat supper with my mom and not sure what else i been sitting here at home all day. i wish i had the stash of jewelry stuff like you got. and i wish i could make them like you can you are awesome. have fun with your inlaws this weekend.and take lots of pics which im sure you will be doing. i love your new home so so pretty.i cant wait to see it in person when i come to one of your art retreats. going to be alot of fun. well enjoy your weekend
hugs and love ya