Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maddi's Birthday

May I begin by apologizing for being so negative yesterday? I just sometimes have to let it out. And along with the in-laws coming in and my wanting the house in somewhat decent order, I promised an employee I would make her bridesmaids earrings (wedding is Saturday!), have to give a big speech at a major fundraising event to get an accessible park in town tomorrow night, agreed to make 30 KD necklaces for big sis/ lil sis by Friday, have to work in a dentist appointment tomorrow due to a knot in my lip, and have a sick baby girl. Puking, in fact! Ok, so NOW, I am officially finished complaining about busyness! It is all my fault, and I accept it. Now. let's move on! Last weekend was Maddi's third birthday party!
As usual, Staci had a Halloween theme, and all the chillen' painted pumpkins.
Gotta say it is pretty nice just walking right on over instead of having to pack up toddlers, the whole carseat thang, with diaper bags, and etc. etc. Instead, I just point across the field, and away my girls ran!
Staci and I both use our friend, kelly, to make our cakes. You just can't beat her. She makes awesome cakes! And then, Veronicia, made these super cute brownie ghosts!
Even a lapbander like myself, can get these puppies down! Oh yes, I did!
Does anybody else LOVE Target dollar spot!? I'm just sayin!
Miss Maddi had a big ol' time at her own party!
All the neighborhood kids came over! Including the super star, in the eyes of our babies, Emma Lou!
And way back when, pre babies, and even pre cancer, I was a golfer. My golfing partner was Melanie. She got pregnant right about the time I learned I would be adopting Ellie. This is her daughter, Ruby. Needless to say, neither of us golf anymore. And that's the end of that story!
The kids love this activity! Paint, googly eyes, stickers, you name it, and we can put it on a pumpkin!
My dad's a fruitcake!
Seriously, he has made teeth out of various food products since we were little kids. He can whip a handful of M&M's straight up into a full set of dentures. I am serious. He is talented!
Good ol' KK showed up and Gabbi Girl got the velcro butt. (Meaning she was stuck to her side!)
Oh wow, Ellie. You got the evil eye here!
Here's Todd the weekend before he decided to no longer wear LSU shirts. He is not so happy with how they've been playing or better yet, how they've been coached. He went so far as to wear a Gator shirt this past weekend!
He still has these though! Anybody done the Nike ID? Todd and I did a couple pair. You can totally design them online, including your name on the side. I just did a pair of lime green converse the same way and put MO JOy on the side. I will have to show those soon!
Back to the party.

I think a theme is just always the way to go with a party! There are so many cute things you can do to make it all cutesy pootsy!
Hey PopS!
WOw! That is a rarity. Gabbi giving anyone buy Mama sugar! He had to have bribed her with that sucker!
And this is us singing and just prior to her blowing out her candles.
Ruby blew them out for her.... twice!
At least the second time around, Maddi got a shot at TRYING to blow them out with her!
It was just a fun day all around! Yep. We try. But no one carries off the funky teeth thing like my dad!
Peace OUt!


Sharidrew said...

I love your parties!! You guys go all out! I'm currently planning my son's birthday party and it's not as fun for me as yours look!

Love the picture of the Ruby blowing out Maddi's candles....the look on Maddi's face is priceless!

And I don't think you are negative and you don't need to apologize! We love you just the same! Believe me, if my plate was as full as your plate....well, complaining would be all I would be doing. Well, if I could find the time! :)

Hugs from Missouri

Teach said...

Here's a tip for being less busy... Just Say NO! :)

Diana said...

Good Morning Mo ~
WOW, you have a lot going on, that is for sure. TRY not top get too stressed and delegate things out even if it is hard for you to do that, you need help.
I hope you have the house in order for the in-laws (even though once they see the girls they won't see anything else...)
Maddie birthday looks like it was a blast, good for her.
I hope who ever was puking is now finished and that you do not get that bug.
Stay well & enjoy the company,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

The party theme was carried out to pefection. I bet the kids loved it!

I hope whoever was sick at your house is feeling better and the 'bug' didn't spread.

snekcip said...

Your NOT negative Mel...your REAL!! We know everyday is not always "sunshine and glee"! You are entitled to gripe!! This is your blog, so do what ya wanna! Now we gonna "give you the business" for not slowing down..serves ya right!! LOL!! Now on to that party....Happy Belated Birthday Maddi!!!! Oh what....FUN! FUN! FUN!! I just love Maddi's cake! AWESOME!!!

My grandson is celebrating his 2nd birthday on Saturday and we have some of the same ideas! I just love kiddie parties!!!

Amy said...

LOve the party pictures!! I was looking at them and I showed my husband the picture of your dad. About 10 minutes later he asked me if they were his real teeth!! He's such a dork!! I showed him the pic of you and Staci and he felt a little silly. Men!!

MaryH said...

Good Lord, Mo, you need a secretary to say "no" FOR you or at least schedule out the feasibility of your generous commitments to others and then tell YOU no, you can't do all of this. You can't do for everyone, even though you would love to. (another one of those hanging prepositions!) Hope you learn to say "No." Do it nicely, but DO IT! Also, please don't think you can never be real here and vent and talk about things that are weighing you down or bothering you - so be real - we like that.

Belinda said...

Love the party pics! I would LOVE to know how she done the brownie ghosts. We are having a "hallelujah" party at church for Halloween, that would be something neat to take..Will she share the recipe? My email is thanks!

Amy K said...

There are just waaayyyy too many awesome things about this post, but let me just say NOT apologize for your last post! One of the reasons I love reading your blog and "getting to know you", is because you always keep it REAL. You're human, and you have ups & downs just like the rest of's part of life, and I'm thankful that you feel comfortable sharing your life with us readers. I'm guessing blogging is a creative outlet for you, but as a reader, it reminds me that I'm not alone in my life're not either!!
I do have a question though....didn't you mention awhile back that Staci had changed the spelling of Maddi's name? Just curious!
Looks like she had a very Happy Birthday - thanks for sharing it!