Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Gatherings.

Ok, so the in-laws don't come in town much, so you KNOW I had the camera out in full force! This is Larry's side of the family. I love how many people were seated around our "new" little table. It is a JinJIn hand me down, and is actually U-G-L-Y. However, with a couple of cute benches on each side, no one seems to even notice!
I threw a carpet under it, added some fall decorations, and voila! I have a fun little table, that seats 6 mind you! And hopefully, this weekend, I will add two fabric covered chairs on each end to perfectly set it off. Oh, and there are even leaves (is that the plural of leaf when referring to a table expander?!) which can make it seat more like 10!
That guy there in the brown shirt is Donnie. And buddy, Donnie can COOK ! He made an ooey gooey butter cake, "but the chocolate version" which I just straight up asked him to leave with me when everyone was done partaking!
I've had it every day since they left... for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.
Not to take anything away from my grilling husband! That man can SHO NUFF grill! And cook! His squash casserole (recipe compliments of Paula) is out of this world!!
Oh, and speaking of Paula. Did I mention her husband, Johnnye, who has NEVER met a stranger, must've smelled the grill! Nevermind Todd's extended family being in town! Johnnye walked right in, introduced himself, grabbed a plate, then went outside to watch TV alone by the fire. That's just how we roll! No one ever needs an invitation and no one is ever surprised about who shows up.
Oh, WAIT! This is it! I am calling Donnie tomorrow. I think I will have to PAY him to make me another one! This sucker was UN-Be-Liev-A-ble!
Good times were had by all. It is always fun to hook up with family!
This is a shot of my dining room in its entirety! Sans the moving boxes, it looks pretty much how I hoped it would. Now, I just need long drapes to soften that window and upholstered chairs on each end of the table.
Thanks for hanging around.



Hallie said...

We need that recipe for the chocolate ooey gooey cake please ma'am. Think you could get Donnie to share it with us...wink wink. I have had the regular one, but not the chocolate.

Renee said...

That cake looks yuuuummmyy! Lovin seeing pics of the BAH! You can see the glow in your in laws eyes when they are with your girls.

MaryH said...

I agree - we need the chocolate ooey gooey cake recipe and I would love the squash casserole recipe also - sounds like Thanksgiving food to me.

The pictures of your in-laws with the girls are so precious. They always have their arms around them or holding hands and just plain in Heaven when they are with them. So nice.

Molly said...

I love, love, love seeing how the BAH has come together. It's beautiful, of course! Books are my thing, so I really love all the shelves in the dining room. And the pic of your girls in the kitchen - precious!

We make the regular ooey gooey butter cake often around here but I am printing the chocolate version recipe out right now... the one from Food Network - Paula Deen. It will be in my oven this afternoon, LOL. Now, if you can get the squash casserole recipe for your stalkers, I mean blog friends, we'll all be good to go. ;)

tricia said...

Love the pics!! And Johnnye wasn't alone;good old Earl was with him!

Cori said...

Looks like fun!! I caught the canvas of the girls above the stove- LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic and idea to hang it there!!

Debbie said...

Ok we want the cake recipe nd the squash recipe please. LOVING your new house!!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Sandy said...

loove the dining room.Can't wait to see the entire BAH in person!!! ya got it looking GOOD!! Maybe we can come baby sit the girls so you can get some of your paintings/jewelry or whatever you are making in your art room!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful house MO! Donnie has a twin Ronnie...and he sho can cook too! Ask him about his homemade carrot cake..OH MY LAWD!
Everytime we go to the pumpkin patch I think about Jakey poo. I remember all those sweet pictures of him there. The girls- too cute for words.