Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sitting on the countertops.

Some things never change!

My girls STILL think the countertops are the place to sit when in the kitchen. Oh, well.... there are bigger things to argue about!

Attended so many parties and shindigs this weekend. Have tons to "report on " in the coming week. Stay tuned!!


Carrie said...

My kids share the same addiction to perching on the counter. Wish ours was as BIG as yours so there was room for them and all of the 'projects' they have been creating lately. Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE your cupboards! Your kitchen looks fab!

tricia said...

The granite is beautiful! i love the cabinets, I love the wood floor...the rug and most of all Gabby Girl!

Mbeaty19 said...

So funny - As my son was sitting on the counter the other day I wondered if your girls had kept up their tradition of sitting on the counters at the new house.

snekcip said...

Love that winding staircase! See Gabby LOVES the countertop even more!! :)

Amy K said...

Ya know, traditions are traditions no matter where you call home!
I am in awe of your staircase. Everything is just gorgeous!
Sounds like we're in for some fun posts this week...I'm ready with coffee in hand.