Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrating belated (and future) birthdays

Any of Todd the Bod's facebook friends know that yesterday was his birthday! He always kinda gets the short end of the stick because, well, I work so much that I usually can't get time to go get him a gift. And actually, I would MAKE time if he would EVER tell me even kinda what he wants! With all that said, let's just celebrate everyone's birthdays all at once.
When DeeDee and Granddad were in town, they brought gifts for all... past and future. This make up kit is what they brought Ellie.
She was thrilled! I asked Dotti if she would like me to buy her, Ohhhh, I don't know... a pit viper or maybe a doberman pincher?! And naturally, I would bring it right to her house. That is the equivalent of this big ol' make up kit at my house!
There will be eye shadow on the walls, lipstick all over the new carpet, and let's not even go to the clothes. Ellie not only likes to make up herself, but she experiments on her little sister's face as well!

But, then, I suppose Ellie's birthday present is meant to please Ellie. Not Melanie!
Now if I only had a grandmother who wanted to live in and actually PUT ON the make up every time!
Gabbi Girl got a little purse with two fuzzy puppies. She LOVED them!
She combed their hair, and hugged them, and even sleeps with them!
ANd then we had a group celebration with Halloween cupcakes!
Dee Dee and Granddad have already headed back home. We are contemplating a get together at Thanksgiving. If not, we will be there (Orlando) in our usual January!
Here's a shot of our "lived in" kitchen.
See? Todd? You got a present! It just wasn't from me.
Do you think it is perfect or what?!
This is, by far, Todd's favorite room in the house!
ANd ever since he came home with a swiveling, rocking, reclining chair, it is becoming one of mine and the girls' too!
I did manage to get my back porch swing hung. The girlies love it! ANd I can't wait, now, to have the whole area screened. Mosquitoes in our area are like BIRDS!

This is Ellie with a fully packed purse of make up. (she says, "Hey mom, pack me a purse!" every time we leave the house!) She has also snagged her sister's doggie bag.
Jessi told me today that her daughter, Kaitlyn, has officially entered her "tweens". I told her so had mine!
No kidding. I think she thinks she is about 12 years old!
ANd finally for a delicious healthy snack...
Ritz crackers and squirt cheese. Dang! I LOVE squirt cheese!
DeeDee even squirted their little fingers and let them lick away. That's what grandmothers do, I suppose!
Good memories were made while the in-laws were in town. I like my girls knowing all their peeps! So, yo! Uncle Scott! Where you be? Come visit!
And then, last night, Uncle Don treated us with dinner.... Pizza Rolls! We got it goin' on in the area of fancy dinners!



snekcip said...

Grandparents are fun!!! Glad to see the visit was fun-filled!

tricia said...

Grandparents are the BEST. Looks like Ellie&Gabby's are right on track! Huge makeup kits&squirt cheese on fingers and all!

Amy K said...

Yup, grandparents...they come, they spoil, they go home!!!
Love these photos Mo. Todd's man cave sign is the best.
I haven't had squirt cheese in forever!!
Happy Birthday to you all...past & future!