Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My crazy kid. Coscumes.

Have I mentioned my kid, Ellie, is independent?! Well, during our extensive unpacking, she came across my dance recital "coscumes" from when I was a wee tot. Do you even KNOW the excitement level that rose up in that kid?!
So, apparently, she was drawn to the yellow and black tutu, but decided to improvise on the rest of the coscume. Can you say black ribbed tights?!
How bout brown and white striped "ugly tank top"!?
Red messenger bag and a big black flowery headband to boot!

But wait. THere's more! Of COURSE the outfit needed one more color to REALLY set it off!
Purple shades! Oh, and those purple polka dotted espadrilles in the top photo! Let's not miss those!
ANd so the procession went... back and forth. A few more accessories, and a whole new coscume. My crazy life!


Sandy said...

Bless your heart. You are so gonna have your hands FULL with Ellie.! She is so full of EXCITEMENT never a dull moment. Let me know if you need any extra help with the girls. Would love to watch them again. Good luck trying to unpack and sort everything!!

tricia said...

that must have kept her busy for hours! Does Gabby join in?

Theresa Shirley said...

That girl is TOO much!! Can you imagine what it's gonna be like in the teen years?? Tell her we love the outfit. :)
BTW--I have had many more 11:11 episodes---too weird!
Sending ya'll much love from Georgia <3

kimybeee said...

absosmurfly beautiful!!!!

Amy K said...

Crazy as your life may be, I'm guessing you wouldn't trade those spirited girls for anything.

Your wood floors are absolutely stunning!

Blessings as you continue your transition to the BAH.

Beverly said...

That's a hoot! I know you're loving it - most of the time. That girl is chock full of personality! You're going to miss this when she's a teenager and driving you up a wall wanting new clothes AND a car! I get the biggest kick out of pictures of Ellie - always dressed to the nines!

rebeccabrabb said...

Ellie's outfits sort of remind me of the designer Betsey Johnson. She is quite a fashionista!

snekcip said...

You know my eyes zoned in on that "turquoise" stressed table!! Those wood floors just makes it "POP"!!!OMG I love it!!!

Ellie as always is too funny!!!

MaryH said...

Ellie is the next Rachel Zoe - glad the move has taken place and that the settling in is happening and the nesting is not far behind - your BAH is fabulous.

Holly said...

As a grandmother, I have to laugh and ask if some days Jin ever thinks back to sometimes hoping you got one just like yourself!?! Ah, the divine payback! Haha! God is good! I'm sure she had some crazy days with you and Staci. Just wait until the teen years!

I swear we are all going to be wearing Ellie's fashions one of these days. That girl has a talent and a future as bright as the sun!

Thanks for sharing.
Love Holly & JakeDog