Monday, September 20, 2010


Ok, guess what. NO internet!! I am not kidding. NO internet at our new house. UN-COOL! So here I am at work getting a blog all together. I have the pics loaded, but no way to pu tthem on blogger at home. CRISIS!!

With that said, I am working on my bookshelves at home. I have realized that I have a FAB-U-LOUS book collection!! This little mixed assortment is the latest bunch that I found boxed up in my attic when I THOUGHT I had them all down and organized!
Oooooh, I can't wait to have time to sit down and look at this little green book!
I mean, seriously, I think I have a "book problem"!
This is more of the "very random" piling!

Here we have sweet book about miracles paired with Beer Drinking Games. Ironic!
And of course, there are beading and scrapbooking all sprinkled in!
And don't you even think I read all of these! I am more of the looking type! These are basically the kind that inspire you!
In fact, Curtains was pulled yesterday to get some ideas on all these bare windows around the BAH.
Waaaaay up there on the left, are all the books on infertility, how to connect with your baby (in utero... ha!) and only about 10,000 options for baby names! Veer to the right and we have some serious hodge podge! Even Daily Guideposts from 1990! Can you believe that was 20 years ago?! Hey, those have some "pearls" of wisdom and are timeless!!
Oh, adn then there are travel books. Did I ever mention that a client of mine asked me to come to Spain to teach her kid's therapist about how we do PT on kids with CP at our clinic. She'd made such progress, that she felt it was needed. (Thus all the books on Spain and Europe).
And as my crazy life would have it, I had a patient TODAY ask me about going to Uganda... as in AFRICA... to teach therapists how we work with stroke patients. How nuts is that?! What better way to teach Gabbi Girl about zebras and elephants?
(and I am not kidding about that Africa request!)
The above books are all about decorating. I LOVE these kinds of books. WOnder how many dogears there are in these since we have been dreaming about building a house for, oh, about 10 years!!
More homey books. And have you ever heard of ALexandra Stoddard? I see three of hers in a row? I got into her back in college and early marriage. She believes you should surround yourself with pretty little happy things every day. I agree. If a certain pen makes you happy when you write with it, keep one in your handiest drawer. If a zinnia bloom makes you smile, keep a budvase full of them by your kitchen sink. I like her style!
Ok, now here is where things start making me all tingly-like!
Artsy books! Oh yeah, baby!
And certain magazines are so sa-weet that they even get to make the cut! For instance those above (Legacy and Somerset)... both chock full of ideas!
And this is my FAVORITE section! These art idea books from everthing from clay to paper sculpture to macrame to soldering metals. I swear my blood pressure is rising!
These magazines, "Where Women Create" ROCK the HOUSE! I want to be featured in this someday! It'll happen. Oh yes. It'll happen!
And then my all-time favorite magazine, of which I have EVERY single copy ever printed, and which is no longer in distribution :( , Mary Englebreit's Home Companion. Mary, if you are reading my blog, please rethink this decision. I had palpatations each time I saw the new issue was out!
Then TODD had to go and jump in and call a shelf for his cookbooks. WHATEVER!
Really, Todd? Southern Living Annual Recipes for the past ten years?! Have you EVER even looked in those?!
As a matter of fact, NO we are NOT almost done! Maybe half way! Ha. wheeeeeeee!!!
Gardening books!
And general plant information. Remember when I had a rockin' garden? Not any more! Soon, though. Very soon.
This is how it looks from afar. I have DREAMED of a bookshelf with all my special little things covering a wall and surrounding a door frame. I have arrived!
Oh, and then there's the other side of the door. The bottom shelf is where I am putting my humongous blog books which have been bound.
Top shelf... again... Todd snuck up in my grill and got his sportsy books all lined up like I wouldn't notice. That putter gave it away, dude.
More artsy titles.
And then there are some feely good kinds. I am a sucker for a feely good book!!
Far left. Sometimes you gotta read about it. For inspiration! Like when you are building a house together. (I'm playing!)
Blurry. But can you make some of these out?!
I think this may be the catch all shelf. A little of everything. I'm being serious when I say that I envision my little art retreats, where at the end of the day, we all grab some wine and a favorite book that is calling out to us to be perused, and sit and gab and maybe watch some DVR'd Lifetime movies. Ahhhh...
By the way, my Love Language (above) is gifts. I think.
Have I ever mentioned that my sweet Poppa started sending me monthly cassettes by Zig ZIglar when I was about 12 years old? He knew the importance of a positive attitude and thinking big. I am so glad he started me in this direction. I STILL love these kinds of inspiring books! I get a monthly CD from John Maxwell. He has a club called Maximum Impact. I could do a blog every month just on what I learn from his CD. I LOVE them! Look forward to getting them like I used to Mary's magazines! This month it is on "A Good Work"... what it takes to do a good work. It is awesome! We'll discuss later. THere's a bird!
ANybody heard of Sark? I was going through a phase! I think I am through it!
Wait! Back to the random shelf! So with that... I will conclude.
HOpe you enjoyed this totally random post on my book collection.
Thank y0u and goodnight!


Kris said...

Ever thought of starting your own library?? LOL~

jneman said...

Love all the books!
Bit sad with this post as you reminded me of Mary's magazine. got hooked reading about it on your blog, then it disappeared...

tricia said...

OMG sooooooooooooo many books! Tell Todd that cook books belong in the kitchen! How are the girls adjusting to the new house!?

Anonymous said...

Oh how I dreammmmmm, drool with envy. I have always wanted a library. Can I just come for a weekend, and just sit in your library and read...u don't have to feed me, nothing lol..LOVE the new BAH...

Kim said...

Excitement abounds each and every time I hear you talk of the art retreat! Loving your book collection ~ and loving the thought of "Good friends and a Glass of Wine"....along with a good book to top a day of art off!!

Cannot wait to see more pictures of the BAH as you are getting settled in! How are the girlies adjusting!?!

Amy K said...

Oh my word!!! Awesome collection of books!
I cracked up at the "Beer Drinking Games"....too funny...what somebody won't write about!!!!
Hopefully you'll get your internet up and running...loved the fun post!

Kathryn said...

Ooh! You know I love books!

I hate to ask this, because I know how busy you are. But, we are fixing to start the remodel of Himself's study. Would you please tell me the brand of that wonderful tile you used in your laundry room? I want to look at some other color options - ones that would better go with the oriental rug in there, and I just love that tile. It would go on the fireplace surround - and not a lot of it, and I think it would do very nicely. Thanks!

Bella's Mommy said...

I loved this post. I really enjoy your blog. Your family is so special. We have a few things in common. I have an adopted daughter and I love scrapbooking. I am not in any way as creative as you are nor do I have the zest for life that you do. Have a great day!

Barb said...

How fun! I'm such a book-aholic myself, that it was a treat to see what you've got! (Ironically -- we've got a bunch of the same books!!) My dream home would contain a room of nothing but book cases so everything I've purchased over the years would be within easy reach. Thanks for sharing!!

SamC said...

"And don't you even think I read all of these! I am more of the looking type!" Me too. :o)

My Mom has EVERY Southern Living Annual Cookbook that has been printed. She had to buy a book case to put them in. She loves them.