Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LSU game... the season has begun!!

Oh yes it has! Geeeaaauuuuxxxx, Tigers! We went to Tashia's house for the season opener. These are the boys who greeted us as we got out of the car. Gabbi Girl jumped right into the game.

Hey, Gabbi! Get outta the way!

And Miss Suzie Q did her own thing with the wardrobe, but I laid out only purple, white or gold things for her to choose from.

Here are Mickey and Beaux. They, along with their mama, are HUGE LSU fans!! And Beaux makes fun of me ever since I told him about my art retreats that people would come to from all over the country. He makes fun of me every time I see him. So, please, come to my retreat and put him to shame!

And ok, so wanna know my favorite thing about the night?! THis...

Tashia's fridge is COVERED with pictures of my girls!
I mean she has every card I have ever sent out tacked to her fridge.
Obviously, she loves us!
Awwwww.... even Gabbi's birth announcement!
And our trip to Breckenridge! Look at that sweet chubby little baby!
Here is the whole crew. We don't play about our purple and gold!
ANd neither does Don. Who'd BETTER stop hacking my Facebook account! I have LOTS of good pics of him if that doesn't start!
Total Fruit LOOP!!!
Maddi also played fashionista with her accesssories!
Fun game overall. Yes. We are undefeated. Loving our tigers!
I'll love even more when we can host the LSU parties. Soon, I hope!


Susantwilhelm said...

Tell your friend Beaux he shouldn't tease you about your retreats. You are even providing a "famous" chef! Ha! They will all be jealous --

kimybeee said...

loving the believe over the fireplace!

this week it is on! wvu vs lsu - one of us is coming out a loser and i hope it isn't my 'eers!!!!!!
(i hope it is this week or i really look like an idiot now!)

tricia said...

Ok I must admit I like looking at the inside&outside of the houses your pics are set in. Loving this one too!

snekcip said...

I can't wait for the retreats!! BTW...LOVE Gabbi's too!!!

Mindy said...

Did you see my post on FB? We are moving back to the real SOUTH..or the Promised Land as I like to call it. We will be back in DFW in two weeks. So....I am a FOR SURE on the list for the first Art Retreat! Do we have date yet? Even a tentative date?

Amy K said...

I love these get together photos/posts. These have to be so much fun for adults & kiddos both.

I'm thinking that Beaux should be the bellhop for the soon-to-be famous Chez Mo Retreats.

connie said...

i cant wait for the retreat iam so there so tell your friend to watch out he will have alot of us art women coming to your house. do u have a date yet so i can get ready for it and plan out what and when im leaving and what i will need to bring. i so cant wait so make sure iam on the list.. i love your pics looks like yall had a great time cheering on your team well have a great evening

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

My kids are heading to Baton Rouge tomorrow for a long weekend....I will keep the littles...and love every minute of it...Your house is amazing