Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moved in... kind of!

Welcome to the big grey hole that is our bedroom. I am trying to convince Todd that although he "loves it low because he 'falls into it'", we are going to buy a headboard and frame soon! The one I LOVE is at West Elm. Check it out.. it is the velvet one in the color Otter. However, it is not available until December 1st. DANG!
This is how we looked for the first few nights. Gabbi prefers her own bed, thank you very much! And Earl... well, he is happy as a lamb in the BAH! He really likes the pond,and we are not so much liking it. Todd the Bod has to bathe him every time this happens because he can't sleep with us or get on our new carpet with his funkiness!
Here's my not so much morning girl!
Todd hates my taking his pictures. Well, first off, he should not have tried to be funny and put on my cropped pajama pants! (See above). Secondly, I am ME. So, I tote a camera at all times! So deal with it!
Good ol' Earl. He is like a prince in his palace!
Theeerrre's my morning girl! She is piled up on the couch, eating a cup full of Fruit Loops! Come about 7am, and she is crowing, "mmmaaaaammaaaaaa!"
Run, don't walk.. to Targe to get one of these "Shabby Chic" fuzzy, totally awesome blankets for your beds. They are so awesome! Just sayin'! Happy weekend!!


tricia said...

Love ,health & happiness in your new home!

More pics, more pics!!!

snekcip said...

Todd has on your crop pants!! How funny!!!'re finally in!!!

Lisa O. said...

Great pictures!! I LOVE your sofa!! Gabbi looks so cozy in it!!

Jana said...

Congratulations on your new home - it looks like lots of NEST-ing is already happening! :)

Amy K said...

Looks like you're all settling in nicely!
Hey Todd - get up and grab that camera from your wife and start snappin' pics of her bright & early in the mornin'!!! Just sayin'!

Amy said...

I am so glad to see that you guys are enjoying the BAH! I love those blankets too. I actually replaced my top sheet on my bed with one. Nothing like sleep with a super soft blanket!
Have a great weekend!

kimybeee said...

I am so glad to see Earl adjusting well to the move! He has such a kind face - I would love to scratch his ears! lol

Don't worry about the big grey hole, you will fill it up some day! The hunt is part of the fun of moving to a shiny new home. You will find just the right things for the right spots.

Beverly said...

Looks like heaven to me.

Tracy said...

Been a follower for awhile and love reading about your sweet family. We are taking a trip to Nawlins' this weekend and was wondering where you found those tiles you had in your blog a few weeks ago?