Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My animal lover.

I got to get this girl on the fast track to being a veterinarian! I mean, she LOVES animals!
We went to the Ford's house this past weekend, and Gabbi was taken by their cat, TuTu.

Oh, and also their dog, Henry!
She's not biased. She likes all kinds of animals! I just wish I still had my horses at the clinic. I think she would be all over those! Jackie, you reading the blog? If so, find your most docile horse. We need to come visit!
I already struggle to get Gabbi Girl to come inside (and believe me, you do NOT want to be outside in Louisiana right now!) It's a nightmare... 100 degrees every day! And heat index of about 111! But, you add an animal to the mix, and Gabbi is FIGHTING to stay outside!
I am glad she loves them, but I just hope she is always in contact with "sweet" animals. SOmetimes, those animals can be quite unpredictable!
Look at TuTu's face above.... I think she is diggin' it! Don't you?!

Sweet girl. She is precious. Thrilled she likes her four legged friends so much.
Onnnnnnn the other hand.....
Ellie's not quite as thrilled with the varmints!
Nope. She sees them and starts saying, "NO! NO!"
Maybe her sister can help her find her softer side!



Amy K said...

Too stinkin' cute. Love those pig tails!
Next time you're vacationing in Wisconsin, you need to bring Gabbi Girl to our farm to see all our critters!
And, of course, we'd love to meet y'all in person!!

Amy said...

Adorable pictures, love the pigtails and Gabby's shoes!

Shannon said...

Oh a girl after my own heart!!!

Beverly said...

Gabbi is my kind of girl. AND I love those little green shoes!

tricia said...

Gabby is so precious! Miss"tough pants" Ellie is scared?? That's also precious!love those girls! you must be having so much fun with them!

Beth E. said...

When Bo was little, he wanted to be a vet. Then he found out how an animal's temperature has to be taken...that took care of that! lol

Thanks for sharing the pics of your sweet girls.

snekcip said...

Ok, you think its a little too late to name Gabbi ELLIE MAE *as in Clampett* It still has that Southern twang to it!! LOL!!!

I have my own version of ELLIE MAE CLAMPETT My girl is a "hands on" animal lover too! Hands on as in she thinks EVERY animal is friendly, cute and needs to be hugged!! It scares the willies out of me too!! Esp if the animals are NOT friendly!!I'm trying to teach her "all animals are not approachable"!

We were visiting my son on Sunday and it was a cute cat in the neighborhood that had sauntered in his garage! The poor cat was hugged, kissed and groped to pieces after BREEZY BREE finished with it! Boy did she cry when we loaded her in the vehicle an the hairless...er uh...the fuzzy feline had to stay behind! She has been wanting a "kitty cat" ever since!

Same way w/dogs! She has one already, but every animal is "awwww, momma...look how cute...come here my baby"! I swear the kid has an OLD SOUL!!

Still can't believe Ellie Sue is scared of animals!!

PS Love Gabbi's outfit/shoes!

kimybeee said...

that settles it then, gg has to come live with me! you can't turn around here without stepping on a critter - she would be in hog heaven!!!! i have more cats than i care to admit - all willing to be loved on, a lab, a dorkie pup (mini-weiner/yorkie mix), goats, sheep, chickens, possums and just about anything we don't have, we have access to! i bet if she were here more than 5 minutes even ellie would be an animal lover!

and momma could come hang out too - i love to scrap and craft!