Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat Pray Love with my homies.

These are my homegirls!
And I can honestly say this was the first movie I ever got a group together to go see via Facebook! Man, I LOVE this social media bit!

I am not a reader. Not of non-fiction anyway! But, I had heard a good bit about this EAT PRAY LOVE book! Actually, I had heard varied reviews of the movie too! Some loved it. Some hated it! I am of the LOVED it group!

Spoiler Alert. SORTA.

Ok, so Julia Roberts basically has to make a decision to leave a marriage that she is pretty bored over. She just feels generally stuck! She kinda feels "nothing"! She decides to go to three countries in search of whatever it is that feeds the deepest desires of her heart! Ultimately.... oh, you KNOW I can't tell you! But basically, she learns from her travels!

Here's what I got out of the movie and how it fed MY soul! I realized that as TOTALLY DIFFERENT as me and my husband are, God knew just what He was doing when He put us together! I am a traveler at heart. I am also generally an explorer and an adventurer. He, on the other hand, is pretty content hanging around the house. He is not a big fan of flying, whereas, I LOVE it! He would rather be in the backyard working his grill. I would rather be learning a new craft/ skill and meeting total strangers in random parts of the country!

Here's how I feel very blessed after seeing that movie. I get to have my cake and eat it too! I have an awesome life right here in Louisiana with my husband and two precious little girls. But, because my husband knows me and the deep desires of my heart, he allows me to go and see and do! I was thinking back on how many places I have been this year alone. Disney World in January, Tucson for the bead show in February, about three different states for continuing education for physical therapy, the beach for three or so weeks (first with my MMPT peeps, then my fam joined me), a fabulous metalsmithing jewelry workshop in Wisconsin in June, the Inspired wrokshop in North Carolina in May, back to the beach with my two besties in August, and here we are.... (heading to New Orleans on Wednesday... but more about that later this week!)

(Might I add, this is not meant to be in a braggart sort of way. It is more of an awareness/ grateful manner that I even mention it! Just a sudden realization.... thanks to the movie.)

I have really been going this year. And with two babies at home! I try to make my trips quick, and when Daddy is home and I know they will be well tended to, it makes my trips much more enjoyable! So, thank you, Todd, for understanding my need to GO! For understanding that by letting me GO, you have a very satisfied and happy wife! And my girls get the most energized, happy, and productive mama!

I am sorry for Julia. That she had to choose! As for me.... I am one lucky, lucky girl!



Amy K said...

Awesome reflection Mo! I can't wait to see it.
Monday blessings...

Holly said...

I read an article recently in which a woman much like you said after she married and had kids she was always feeling torn about leaving home. Her husband practically forced her to go, always telling her he wanted her - needed her - to stay the woman he fell in love with. I loved that. Wouldn't we all be happier if no one tried to change us and we didn't try to change anyone else!?!

The girls are so beautiful and obviously VERY happy and loved. Bravo Mel you're a great mom!

Love Holly & JakeDog

tricia said...

You made me want to go see that movie....getting my group together!
I miss the precious girl pictures!

sococo said...

If more men understood that women need girl time, and or go time, many marriages would be saved. A lot of men are threatened by that fact. Yeah for Todd and for you!