Thursday, August 26, 2010

Battle of the Badges

There's this big event in Monroe every year. It's called the Battle of the Badges. It is a boxing match between the local and statewide firemen and policemen.
This year, one of our buddies, John, was participating! Sooooo.... we were there in full force to support!
The proceeds of the event typically go to the JOR Foundation, so we have always been supporters of the event. Staci, Don, Veronicia, Aunt Bonnie, Chris, Eddie, and Marina have always worked the tee shirt sales and the registration areas of the event. It is our way of saying "thank you" as a foundation.
This year, however, the monies were donated to the J.R. Searcy Memorial Fund. J.R. was a local policeman killed in the line of duty this year. Remember the HUGE processional I posted a blog about several months ago?!
Don and Staci still worked, as did Bonnie, Chris, and hey... there's Robin! We have been told we will be back on the docket next year as the recipients of the charitable donation!
Ok, so our friend, John, has had the nickname "Gorilla" since elementary school. So, you KNOW I had to organize a support group tee shirt to show our solidarity!
This is John's wife, Kim, and his youngest son, Casey. And below are his oldest twins, Jordan and Griffin. Do they look exactly alike or what?!
Robin and Jeff were on hand to help as volunteers.
This is the emcee telling the story of J.R. as the crowd had just been humbled by a video of him with his friends and family.
ANd then came the ring girls. This is me!
I had a hard time deciding between my white pumps and my green wedges. Ultimately, the white pumps won. Oh, and that's Staci waving. She can't think for herself. She wore the exact same shoes.
Our fan club was really pretty big! I'd say about 35 of us in our Gorilla tees!
yayyy! There's John! In the blue. He's a policeman.
And it boiled down to a decision.
One we didn't like! That fireman was a veteran. Our John was a rookie. I hope he'll be back next year. He knows what to expect now.
Paula and I knew absolutely NOTHING about boxing. We were both literally SHAKING when it was time for John's fight. Would you look at the size of this corn fed boy?!
Paula looking tough. And with that greasy hair.... well, let me explain! SHe had her hair professinally keratinized?! or something like that. There is some new thing going on around here that permanently straightens your hair if, like Paula, your hair tends to get bigger and bigger as the humidity factor goes up. No longer! The sacrifice is for THREE days, you can't wash your hair, after the treatment. Also, no rubber bands, headbands, or even tucking behind your ears. I promise you, three days of no hair washing for me, and I couldn't even walk out my door!
TOUGH! I know!
This is John after his fight in front of us. Not sure what I was thinking on this photo's composition!
There were other folks brought in for entertainment too!
Midget wrestling!
Hey Fords. Thanks for chaufeurring me all night. TG was in Wisconsin, so I was a third wheel!
It was pretty fun! Now that I have been to my first boxing match, I know what to expect. Next year should be even bigger and better!



Amy K said...

Looks like a fun night with great friends.
Your hair has gotten so long - love it!

tricia said...

looks like a well attended event. Oh..Ahem.... you and Staci look rockin!

Robin said...

Hey!! theres Robin! n and then I read Theres me...and the copy cat staci!! You kill me!! Hope you are having fun! Thanks for the laugh...I almost woke Jackson up!