Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dad's home! Dad's home!!

Our daddy was out of town for, like, a week! And buddddy row, it was a doozy around the Groves household. Because this also fell in a busy week for mama, work wise!

But in true good daddy style, he came home with a bag full of goodies.
Including a bag of goodies for him and me. Cheese curds! Yaaaaaaay! People in the south have typically never even heard of these!

Oh, and beef and ham sticks. Omg, these are so dang good!

And SWEET CORN! It is just absolutely so much better than any corn that was ever grown in the south! It is like a dessert!

Todd called this my birthday present. Now, yes, I like it all, but ummmm, I have had lapband, so my ingestion will be heavily limited, and Ummm.... I am still waiting for my "other" birthday present.

As for the girls, who did NOT have a birthday that day, they racked up, big time!

I think my personal favorite may be the elbow length gloves that my sweet angel baby really, really liked.

ANd I thought they were just precious. This may be one of those blow up on a canvas pictures.

I like so much about it. Her sweet eyelashes, her all over the place gorgeous hair, and how much she likes girly things.

Oh, and did I mention he brought home a make up set?!

He slept in the garage for two days as a pennance. Pentance? Pennannce? You know!Both of my babies really think make up is just about as great as it gets.

Ellie, once again, taking control of the situation.

gabbi is so lucky to have her.

And then, the eye shadow.

To be so young, I am kinda amazed at how much attention they pay to me when I am putting on my make up. They really are like little sponges, picking up everything they see, and trying it themselves.

ANd did I mention, they always want to try it on me too!?

I was holding the camera out and trying to get these shots.

So excuse the cleavage shots.

Have you ever noticed about little kid makeup....

It is like coloerd Vaseline.

And usually, more like glittered Vaseline that doesnt' just wipe off.

WOW! Ellie. Nice job with the eyeliner! Truly! (By the way, that was NOT in the kids' make up set... it was from MY makeup bag that I left lying on the counter. A NO NO in this house.)

See? THAT, my friends, is Estee Lauder make up. Ummmm, NO! Let's stick to Dora or Cinderella make up, please!

SO that is our week in make up! Thanks, Dad, for always knowing what the girls love the most!



Amy K said...

I love these posts - make me smile from ear to ear! Your sweet little girls are so fun to "watch".
That daddy sure is a generous soul. Nothin' better than WI cheese curds! I lived just west of St. Louis for about a year, and imagine my shock that the grocers had never heard of cheese curds....what? seriously? What a shame! :)
At any rate, have a wonderful day!

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ Just precious!!! I love Gabbi's puckered up lips for her lipstick & the way she closes both her eyes to put on her shadow. Just adorable.
And Ellie the makeup expert - helping her sister - I love it!!!
Have a great Thursday.
Diana from Colorado

Beverly said...

That is so precious! Your girls give me so many smiles. Thank you for continuing to post and keeping my morning smiles coming. What a great Dad Todd is!

tricia said...

Girls and makeup go together like a horse&carriage. Ellie has it down pat!LOL...or thinks she does.

Theresa Shirley said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That picture of Gabbi with her little eyes closed is just the most precious thing I've ever seen!!! She looks like she is just in "hog heaven"!! And the one of her with her lips poked out for the glip-gloss is hilarious. Her and Ellie both look like their makeup session is serious business! hahaha Love it!