Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Have I mentioned I love having girls?

If you are one of my facebook pals, you already know that my new profile pic is from this crop of pics. I actually think they may be getting to the age where I can expect a photo of the two of them in the same frame, looking the same direction, and maybe even touching one another.

It is too good to be true!
If you are my facebook friend, then you also know that I didn't sleep a wink last night. I mean, not a wink!
For that reason, you will be getting very minimal commentary tonight. Sorry! Just cute pics of my cute kids.
The very same kids who took a couple of spots in a neighborhood daycare in a lady's house today. Oh man! Can you believe it?! I have made a decision re: my kids' fall arrangements! KK is going to school, and her fall schedule doesn't allow her to be our runner any more! :(
I had to think about pre K 3, Mother's Day Out, Actual daycares, a full time sitter, a teenager in the afternoons, etc. I was stressed out!
Todd made a really good point when he said I could drop them off in the neighborhood at the sitter and actually go back home and clean, unpack boxes, fill art orders, etc. When they stay home with someone, and I walk in the door, it is OVER for me! Not that I am necessarily complaining. It is just that I would like that option of having some occasional free time during the week to get some things done. And... Miss Donna (that's who will be keeping them), let's you bring them whenever and pick them up whenever. 7-5:30!

Hope I made the right decision.
Now, I HAVE to try and sleep!



KK said...

Your girls are precious and they always keep me laughing. I hope you had a great birthday !

tricia said...

Great decision. They will have other kids to play with!

connie said...

you made the right decision the girls will have so much fun palying with other childern their ages and learning all kind of new things you will be so amazed at what they will learn and do at the sitters house im sure she has alot for them to do crafts learning activites and so on playing too they will have alot of fun and you can do what you need to do and then pick them up when u get done. enjoy your free time from them do what you need to get done like your art stuff and packing and unpacking when you move. i know your nerveous about it but they will have a great time iam sure of it.. i hope you get some rest tonight hugs and love ya

Kelly said...

YEp....I agree with the other posters. Your girls will L-O-V-E daycare and it is great socialization for them. The learn to share, get along, make friends, etc..etc..etc... Plus you get some much-deserved time to yourself once in awhile. I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision!

Kathryn said...

Melanie, you have made the right decision. I am a retired teacher. Himself has always worked. Our children went to daycare, and loved it. Why? They were with their peers, and when we picked them up and brought them home, it was an EVENT!

Amy K said...

Adorable pics Melanie! I see Ellie has accessorized with her belt! :)
I'm sure your girls will do just fine at daycare; they're so well rounded and happy. Plus, what a blessing for Miss Donna, and for you to have that time that you need to get things accomplished! You will love them running to greet you at Miss Donna's door!
Praying for better, restful, and less stressful days ahead.

Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is with daycare.I had my daughter with a home sitter since she was 2. But she loves it. She calls it going to her friends house to play. It's nice because I can run an errand or 2 after work or I can take off work early and get something done at home (like doing my stamping. Sometimes I would feel guilty but then when I would pick her up she would give me a sad face and say she isn't done playing with her friends yet. I'd say....What about mommy???....Her reply would be......but I still love you mommy.....I just want to play with my friends. So....don't feel guilty.....use the time to get the things you need done....work, home whatever then when they are home you can enjoy that time even more. Your girls are getting so big and you're right hey are some cuties!!!
Take care and enjoy your new home

Tracey said...

I have been following your blog since CaringBridge and have finally decided to make an account so I can comment on your blogs. You have made a wonderful decision about and your kids will have sooo much fun. Enjoy your time.

Shannon said...

No doubt it will be good for the girls and YOU!!!! Enjoy your time! They will be having fun too! :)

Unknown said...

I have been such a slacker and didn't get on here in time to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope it was great! Love all the pics of the girls and their new wardrobes.
I am sure you made the right decision with the girls. They will love playing with other kids, and they also have each other which will make the transition easier.

snekcip said...

Mo,you made the right decision! Even if the girls are little apprehensive at first....they'll fall right in sync after a a few weeks! It's harder on Mom/Dad than on the kids...believe me...been there done that! Bree loves "her school" and has learned so much!! The only problem....saving all of her school projects! Look on the bright side....you will now have to find storage for all the "art projects" the kiddo's bring home!!

Carrie said...

They will do just great and you DESERVE a little down time without a little one tugging at your heels. Get some rest too, lady!