Monday, August 16, 2010

Odd little creatures.

MAN! I had no idea I had so many Facebook and blogging buddies. Thanks so much for all those birthday wishes! I mean, geezzz... I wish we could all get together! What a party that would be!
And Todd the Bod drove about 16 or so hours today and made it home tonight around 9pm in time to wish me a happy birthday too!
He brought me a whole bunch of cheese curds and beef sticks and sweet corn from Wisconsin. He doesn't know it yet, but he is also going to buy me a "GIFT" tomorrow!

SO, how'd you like that fashion show yesterday? My KIDS are my greatest gift! So much fun.
They just fill my cup when it is low!
And naturally, there is ELlie fully accessorized!

Have I mentioned her aversion to animals? It's not that she is scared of them. She just doesnt' particularly like them in her space! Unlike Gabbi Girl, who lets Earl lick and lick and lick and lick... until I see it and make him stop. She LOVES (and I mean looooooooves) animals! I know, Scott. She just became your favorite!
I think this is Ellie trying to ensure Earl does not touch her bracelets!

And ummmm, would you look at this one hand alone?!
But this is where it all kinda takes a turn for the worst...
Recently, I bought Ellie some "big girl panties" at Target. She is no longer wearing the ones with princesses on them. And I mean NOT AT ALL! She won't have it! I mean, Emma doesnt' wear princess panties, so by God, Ellie isn't either! I mean, she is THREE (twelve) and all!
So for whatever reason, Ellie had a pack in the backseat of the car and dismantled it to get the few pairs she agrees to wear. Apparently pastel polka dots did not make the cut.
NO, she is more into the cupcakes and guitars and hearts, and Oh yeah, "PEace signs!" That's her new thing. "Mom, I want my peace sign panties." WHAT?! WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT?!
LORD, give me strength!

Thanks for all the sweet wishes! We had our first TEAM JAKE meeting tonight, so put back $10! Fundraising begins SOON!!



tricia said...

Ellie is living way beyond her years. I can't imagine what she'll be doing at 12. I hope you're still blogging so we can see. I love my Ellie&Gabby fix each day.

kimybeee said...

i love that child of yours! is your mom sitting back laughing and saying you deserve this from Ellie Sue? that is usually what happens.

ellie is just letting you know what a great job you are doing parenting. it is obvious to us outsiders that you have nurtured her brilliant, independent tendencies. you are merely letting ellie's light shine - lol!!!!!!!

and god sent you gg to give you hard neck hugs when ellie is making you nuts!!!!!

breanna said...

happy birthday!!!!! and umm....when are we doing gabbi's party!? i'm coming home to do wedding stuff for the next week, but i'm sure i can fit a party in there too!! :)

Amy K said...

Ok, the underwear pics are too much...HILARIOUS!
Gabbi's dress is adorable - what a great color on her - did it come from Spoiled Rotten?
WooHoo for WI cheese curds and sweet corn.
Have an awesome, blessed day!
P.S. That would be an awesome party!!!

Sharidrew said...

I think I spit coffee when I got to the panties on the head pictures! Ellie makes underware look like a doo-rag! Funny how you can get such a sense of a persons personality even through pictures. She is a riot! Gabby is just adorable!! I would definitely attend a party with you! I bet it would be AWESOME!

Glad Todd made it home in time and with curds and corn! Bonus!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ That diamond that Ellie is wearing on her pointer - LOVE IT!@!@!!
And I love that she closes her pointer so that God forbid, the ring does not fall off - she is hysterical. Gabbi is not far behind with the big girl panties on her head - way to go Gabbi girl!
Have a wonderful Tuesday,
Diana from Colorado

Renee said...

Like Tricia, I can't imagine what she'll be like when she really is 12. Too precious - even with panties on their heads.