Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ellie in the cabinets.

I really don't know WHAT it is about being on the cabinets at this house!
It is just an absolute obsession!
Naturally, Ellie says she is "Cleaning out" the cabinets for me. And trust me when I say, she has no problem-o pulling up a kitchen chair or barstool up to the counter to access all the goods.
Yes, Indigo Girls, more "anklets". She rarely makes a day without adorning all four of her extremities.
Even when she is just "lounging" around the house, she insists on belting and accessorizing. At this precise moment, she is standing in front of me with a tutu on, rubber bands on her wrists, and applying some glittery glip gloss!
And panties. OH the panty changes! She has to change numerous times a day! As for Gabbi, at this very moment, she has a pair of lime green panties on her head?!
Can you say "mosquito bites"!? By the way, Gabbi Girl went to the doctor last week and had a RAST (??) test, and we found out she is allergic to fire ants. WE even had to get an epi pen. Scary! Anybody else had that issue?!
I am so proud when I look up in those cabinets and see applesauce and banana chips. If you could only see all the other junk! I am not sure why she chose to clean out our "junk cabinet".

Ellie is sitting beside me and said, "UGH! Mom, why is dad's shoe on the counter?" Good question, Ellie Sue! We need to MOVE!
Bazooka gum? ANd I think a bikini top! Talk about a RANDOM counter top!
Look at my poor baby tucked into a sea of boxes!
And here sits little sweetness! Just happy to be eating some gummy Scooby snacks.
Thank you, Jesus, for knowing I couldn't handle two of those polka dot pantied kids!
I have opposite ends of the spectrum. But today, Gabbi actually showed a preference for the type of chips I gave her (those little individual bags). She usually just lets Ellie snatch whechever one she wants and is happy to have what is left. Hmmm... not cool! Now it is a matter of time until all hell breaks out!

Tomorrow is Gabbi Girl's birthday party! Yaaaay!

Oh, if you tried to "friend" me on FB, please go back and message me that you are a blogger friend. I, at least, like to know my source of our "friendship"! Thanks. Mo


tricia said...

Ellie scares me half to death when I see her on the counter tops. I know you're right there though. She certainly is a 'big help'. Ahhhhhhh Gabby looks so content

Beth E. said...

Oh, certainly have your hands full! I get tired just from reading about Ellie's antics! lol

Debbie said...

Ellie Sue scares me to death also, standing on the counters, but that's us grandma's, over protective we are, of our babies!!

Yes, when my daughter was 4 she was biten by 4 fire ants and went into antiphalactic shock. I am sure I miss spelled that. That was a very scarey hospital visit. We had to carry a epi pen everywhere. Make sure the sitter knows how to use it. Carrie is now 32, a wife, and a Mom to 4 and still carries one when she goes down south. Back then we lived in Charleston, SC, she now lives in upper Ohio. Gabbi Girl will be fine as long as you have that epi pen in hand if she gets a bite. The doc also made us get a medic alert bracelet for her.

Your girl's are growing up so fast!! Just like my grands are!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Amy K said...

Ellie is so determined! Love the belt with her attire!
My daughter is allergic to bee stings, got stung in the eyelid last summer, and her whole face swelled up like a balloon. I can relate to how scary it is.
BTW - Gabbi doesn't look the least bit phased with the boxes - she looks happy as pie!
Have a wonderful birthday celebration!
Sunday blessings...

snekcip said...

Okay I'm hyperventilating over here! That countertop antic and those knives nearby just sent me into shock! Do they make an EPI-PEN for grandmothers! LOL!! Because I need one right about now!!

Hope the "snack cabinet" is on the bottom shelf in the BAH!!

Awww Gabbi, perfectly happy in her high chair w/her snacks!! Sweetie eating sweets!!!

John Lewis said...

I fuck her purssy