Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarah's birthday party

Ok, so maybe you recognize this picture. It is the one I chose to use for Gabbi's big B'day post! And because today I am having her B'day party, I felt we could revisit Miss Pink Monkey Dress Gabbi photo!
I came in from work last Friday, and although all cars were in the driveway, it took me a while to locate my little monkeys!
I walked next door and found them playing on Sarah's swing set.
Gabbi Girl was all about the slide, while Ellie Sue only wanted to do what the big girls had planned. And as it turned out, they were swinging.
So, once she discussed her NEED to swing, they opted to let her have their seat.
Miss Sarah turned 9, thus the "big girl clothes" from Justice. That is the new Tween/ Happenin' store to shop at!
Luckily, they don't carry 3T, so we don't have to go there yet. But soon, very soon, when Ellie catches wind, we will be there too, I am quite sure!
Ok, so by now, Ellie is realizing that there is something big going down. Something she needs to be a part of. Big girls are streaming in slowly, and she is aware a party is a brewin'!
Also, Nicole starts pulling out the slip and slide!
Then, she brings out a flip flop cake,
a stack of beach towels, ....
and there is a corner full of presents. Ellie now has the complete picture!
She tells me she needs to run home and get on her bathing suit.
Oh, believe me. It is under there. Under the toulle, and gold metallic headband, and "big girl" tank top...

Yep, there is a bathing suit!
And can you tell my baby is fired up? She is READY to go swim with the big girls.

I let her walk ahead of me as I gathered our own towel and what not for swimming party.
I got Gabbi dressed too. But before I could get her out the door,
a party "helper" from next door was returning my big kid. They had decided that swimming would take place much later. For now, they were heading out on their video scavenger hunt and Ellie just needed to come back home.

THIS is how she took the news!
Head buried in pillow, sobbing, pitiful!

She just seriously has yet to realize that she is only three. She does NOT get that little fact!

Gabbi, on the other hand, is perfectly content to watch a little Yo Gabba Gabba!
Hey LOOK! It is Sugarland doing their "dancy dance!!" sa-weeet! Sorry, I digress.

My baby girl needs some baby girl friends! Daycare, by the way, has only BOYS! I am not a fan... yet! More on that later.

Happy Sunday.



tricia said...

Ellie truly thinks she's a 'tween'. Good luck convincing her that she's not! Gabby looks so chill.
Have a great Birthday party Gabby!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Anxious to hear about ya'lls new daycare experience! My little one (14 months) starts daycare tomorrow for the 1st time..

Sandy said...

I sure wish I knew some lil 3year olds for Ellie. Poor Baby. Sabre' would much rather spend time with the little ones than a 12year old anyday!!

snekcip said...

Ellie needs some 3yr old playmates! That's the downside of hanging w/the older crowd Ellie Sue! They ditch ya, when the BIG GIRL games come in to play!! I know...hard lesson in real life!

Gabby on the other hand is riding the "tide of toddlerhood" to the fullest! A dose of Yo Gabba Gabba and the kid is in "sing along heaven"!

Carrie said...

Oh goodness! I bet poor Ellie was CRUSHED. That is a hard thing for a freshly 3 year old to understand. Hopefully the daycare thing takes a turn for the better but just remember, a Mama always knows what's best for their kiddos so go with your gut!