Friday, August 27, 2010

My child and her accessories!

Ok, I am trying...

To catch Ellie being still, that is!
This is a pretty typical outfit for simply running up to the store to get an Icee.
Oh, yea! She DOES have a rolling suitcase AND a purse! And...
FOUR over the shoulder beaded necklaces, AND....
a belt, a headband, and multiple bracelets.
But I don't think that holds a candle to....
the PLETHORA of anklets, (from rubber bands, bangles, silly bands, ....)
And by the way, THIS PRECIOUS BABY is now officially two years old. Thank you to all the people who came by here and by my Facebook page to say Happy Birthday to my angel.
These days, these girls are in constant motion.
And then it was time to load up the rolling suitcase. Of course we needed this to go to the convenient store. I mean, what if we ran into a huge, epic 10 day traffic jam (such as in Japan) and NEEDED a rolling suitcase, full of supplies. And Lord have mercy should we run into a music video producer and not have on appropriate accessories for that big moment!
As for us... we will be READY!
Really, I should THANK Ellie. She keeps me perpetually prepared!



Renee said...

Too precious! Happy Birthday GG! I'm thinking Ellie is gonna have a career in fashion or something along those lines. It definitely seems to be her passion.

Beverly said...

That Ellie is one of a kind! She is precious and I never tire of seeing pictures of her fashion statements! Happy Birthday Gabbi! Love those two girls! Almost makes me wish I lived next door!

Amy K said...

Hee hee hee! That Ellie is hilarious - The first thing that caught my eye were those ankle bracelets!! And, Gabbi's pigtails are absolutely adorable!
I love that the famous Groves girls always make my heart smile!
Happy Friday!

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ YOu guys are too funny!!
Ellie is really ready for any event that may come up - hysterical! I love it.
And the ankle bracelets - wild
I missed Gabbi's birthday yesterday - Happy Birthday Gabbi
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Theresa Shirley said...

Lord have mercy!!! That girl has got it TOGETHER now!! Sooo funny :) Wonder if as they get older, they'll eventually start fighting over their "accessories"? You'll have a mess then for sure! hahaha

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! She certainly is spunky! We love the awesome individual style she has going on with those bracelets on her ankles. We see a new trend for fall accessories?
and Gabbi is just toooooo sweet. Happy belated Birthday!

tricia said...

Ellie Sue is ready at the drop of a dime for any beauty emergency.Ah a girl after my own heart!

Cherry said...

This kid is a hoot....shes gonna be somebody big someday...just

Carrie said...

What a card! I can tell that Ellie belongs to're both such spitfires! (in a GOOD way of course!) Her accessories are absolutely over the top and even more adorable! He He, can't stop giggling at all of those anklets!!!

Anonymous said...

That Ellie is an absolute living doll.....just precious.

Happy belated birthday, Gabbi!!