Friday, July 30, 2010

A typical morning

Hey facebook friends. You have seen a couple of these!

But, they are so cute, you need to see em again!

This is just a regular morning at the Groves house! Ellie gets up, throws her hair in a side ponytail, applies a little lip gloss, and comes to the kitchen cabinet to start her morning routine.

Yes, we do have barstools, but who really uses those things anyway? When you have a counter top!? Oh, did I mention throw a hair band on your ankle as an anklet? Yep. That too!

I know Earl must think, "Why me, Lord?"

Ol' Earl is getting old, and I can tell it by how much more often he just lies around. I don't like to see it, but as he ages, we just hug and love on him all the more telling him, "You're a good dog, Earl. Yes you are. A gooooood dog!"

Gabbi just comes in hollering for "num".

Ok, then, my sweet angel. Num it is!

Like, 5 pieces. She loves her some num. She can chew num like a big girl... at least an hour's worth!

Speaking of num... I think that old wive's tale about it sticking your insides together must be false. Because now that Ellie is potty training....welllllll, let's just say, I can tell you what color she was chewing earlier that day!

So, chew on, Crazy-headed Gabbi Girl! Chew on!



Amy K said...

Hee hee - too cute! Sweeties all the time!

Melanie Christian said...

Have you ever tried Blow Pop suckers with the girls? I bet they would love that! They get the sucker AND gum! Whoo Hooo!