Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few new things in the house

Hey guess what. We have a few new things in our house! Like this... a bartop!

Yet to be stained, mind you!

and these... handrails!

And looky here.... we have actual running water!

And Todd put some of my shelves in the art room cabinets to get a feel for the real thing.

And it is time to pick out drawer pulls and knobs! Woo hoo.

And there are cute kids sitting in the dining room!

In their bathing suits.

Drinking 32 oz cokes from Sonic!

And now our travertine floors are grouted!

And I am still having to make hardware decisions... pretty....

OR.... funky?

Our bathroom floor is complete!

And Todd's shower is almost there too! (red paint is some kind of water proofing stuff)

We even have smoe pretty glass tile trim!

And they started my fireplace...

which is proving to be a VERY labor intensive project!

There are no regular, straight edges! So, these little puppies have to be individually moved around to make a square edge.

And my plants from my LH are thriving!


Oh. And we have a front walk way now!


And Todd moved over this "fancy" table and chair so he could sit and rock on the incomplete back porch while sipping a beverage!

But not "incomplete" for long! We used some of the travertine for our outdoor countertops... just need grout!

ANd these cabinets are now wrapped in the old cypress wood.

and have really cool rustic doors on the bottom (just not in this picture!).

And the time has come to choose the backsplash for the kitchen. I like the matchstick style above.

But Todd won with that transparent-y green that was supposed to be the accent tile in our bathroom. Now , it is in our kitchen, above the stove!

yep. Speaking of stove... I think we are "cooking with grease" now! Only a few more weeks! Mo


Bj said...

WOW MO.....the BAH is so beautiful...sorry I haven't blogged in quite awhile, but, I read YOUR blog everyday, just don't always have time to comment and BTW, I loved the pics from hubby's phone....thx for sharing your life with all of us.....huggers, BJ

Amy K said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!
I love your tile, fireplace, all of it!

Firemom said...

Mo - don't forget about the guy in Canton with all the knobs. I can't remember right off the bat if he is in Pavillion 4000 or 4800, but he can save you so much on hardware. We saved probably $700 on our house.
The house is going to be just beautiful!

Renee said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Amy said...

I vote for funky drawer pulls...if my vote counts!

Shannon said...

We found knobs and then ordered them off ebay, saved $$$!!!

Love the BAH!!

tricia said...

Love the pics! Can't wait to see the finished product! Good luck

Heather said...

Looooove the new pics of the BAH. That fireplace is AWESOME. I love the mosaic tile look, so jealous!

SamC said...

I vote for funky. It is more "Mo." :o)

Love the house!!

simplykristi said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the house after it is done!

Anna Lea said...

Ok... Totally you have to go with the funky knobs.. if not it would be to plain for you :0)

melanie said...

congrats on your best of the delta win!

Kathryn said...

What fun! Have to tell you that the laundry room backsplash is still my favorite. Funny, since I do abhor doing laundry!