Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And that's all folks. iPhone is complete!

ANd this concludes our Todd's iPhone show. It all began with THIS! Our little Asian baby who we thought was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen! This was the very moment we laid eyes on her! And I remember Todd immediately sending this photo to his mom and dad. I think they saw Ellie before my parents about 50 feet away! Technology! Glad for it! That connects us all!!
We are coming, Ellie. We are! In jusssst a few hours! You get that temperature up!
Donthcha love these hold em up in the nursery window pics?!
Awww, Ellie and Daddy!
Too sweet. Miss little soft blankets and that velvety skin and that sweet baby smell!

My little precious bonding with mom at the hospital.
Don, the night we Ellie was born, at a local restaurant, trying on a MUCH too small helmet.


DeeDee meeting Ellie for the first time.

Ok, you gotta admit. Todd having that on his phone is super sweet!

Happy little camper!

Todd captured this lady on a scooter going through the drive through at Burger King. Apparently, he was intrigued!
Will she ever forgive me?!
Ellie, I mean!
Ellie's Orthopedist LOVED the Aggies... we toga'd it to an appointment just for her!
Cowboy Mouth. Heard of them?

Me and this crew will be at the beach this weekend celebrating two of our AUgust birthdays!



Tracey said...

I loved Todd's phone pictures! You two just are awesome parents. Thank you again for sharing your family with the world! I love your adventures! I'm an adoptive mom of 4. Adopted through foster care and mine were a little older when they moved in. But, they are now 14, 16, 17, & 18. And, let's just say... enjoy the babies! Cause the teenager years are CRAZY! Love them while you can! Because they grow fast! Have a great day. Tracey

tricia said...

such memories of ellie being welcomed into this world! let the fun begin

Juli said...

i just love this "episode" of your blog....what is even more touching about this is that knowing you make your blog into a book at the end of each year...and that one day the girls are going to look at this and truly be touched at the pics that their daddy took of them. What a cherished memory they will have.... You did good Mo!

Amy K said...

Todd has AWESOME pictures! That sweet little Ellie Sue...what can I say, that girl melts my heart.
Have a wonderful girls weekend!
Thanks Todd for entertaining us readers the past few days.

kate523 said...

Been awhile since I commented. Loved the iPhone posts. Forces me realize how many great pictures I missed for having just a 'Plain Jane' phone. Definitely will upgrade it soon! Thanks for sharing them!

As always, your kids are the cutest. I wish I had your talent for blogging.

Have a great weekend!


kimybeee said...

i can't believe that i have been right here for all those memories and even more - thank's for sharing your pics and your life with all of us on the internet. jakie poo is the best angel ever to have sent your family those three baby girls - he knew that one baby wouldn't keep you busy enough to keep the sadness away!!!!!!