Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPhone ctd. Almost done. Really!!

Thanks to all of you who are making me feel better about continuing this ridiculousness of posting Todd's iPhoto pics! You are really going to enjoy these next two days. Of course, I am assuming you love my kids as much as I do! Ha.

So, remember, this is oldest to youngest pictures! So.... waaaaay long time ago... back in the fall of 2007, we had a baby Ellie. and her daddy LOVED when they both dressed in purple and gold!
And I think he actually did this himself. I definitely wouldn't put it past him! He loves to do weird poses like this with his young uns.
This is a kinda big deal tournament that Todd won. It is an individual tournament so no partnering or whatnot. For whatever weird reason, a popular prize at golf tournaments is crystal. Do you find that to be as odd as I do? Wait til you see our new house and its decor! We have LOTS of golf tournament crystal! ANybody else out there able to say that!?
Uncle Scott and Aunt Lauri sent Ellie this cute cocoon sack that I thought was the cutest little thing! I had the most fun putting outfit after dress after outfit when she was tiny. Maybe I am the reason she has this "problem" now!
Do you remember how chunky this baby was? And, I swear, the kid smiled all the time. She is our sunshine! SO much fun to raise!
This smile even on the day that she was being hospitalized to have her body cast removed. You will see that procedure in just a few.
And NOW TELL ME THIS ISN'T SWEET.... Todd has a picture of Don and HIS new baby girl on his camera. What a role this baby had to play. She helped heal many hearts.
OMG. Todd even captured Don crying with his baby girl. I think I am going to cry. Mainly because of the relationship of dad to dad!
This was at Brookshire's, our grocery store. Todd, again, posed this poor child in a weird Halloween costume. JUST to capture it on his phone! And I KNOW you remember that big, humongous paci!
Oh, here we are. A GOOD day! Halloween 2007, to be exact! The day we FINALLY got to hold Ellie Sue without a big, hot pink body cast from her belly button to her ankles!
I think this may be in February of 2008 when we were in Colorado on a ski trip.
I am just assuming that Todd lost a bet or something to have his baby girl in Razorback gear! His best bud, Mike W, sent this to her. ANd I PROMISE you he didn't do this on his own will.
One of Ellie's first Christmas presents ... a singing, flappy eared dog that sang Jingle Bells.
Of course, he has LSU decked out cars from our trip to new Orleans when LSU was in the national championship.
Oh, and yes. We won!

NATURALLY, they found the LSU cheerleaders and snapped a few pics.
I absolutely love going down to New Orleans! SOrry, Ohio fans. Maybe next time!
Here we are at the big game.
Can you tell the timeline of my lap band?!
Johnnye, Todd's BFF, in some jersey, somewhere, sometime. Who really knows?
This is the hat we bought on Etsy for Ellie to wear in Colorado on our ski trip. It turned out so cute on her! Gabbi wore it too.
Ok, I have now determined... it is officially a problem! Posing his kids in strange things we see in stores! Particularly if it has to do with headgear!
Oh, wait. HERE we are. So, earlier... must have just been at the house trying on hats. Because this is obvoiusly the real Colorado deal!
Man, this makes me miss this!! We gotta go back, Daddy!
This is a local building by which we kinda patterned our house. I loved the stone, the style, the colors... all of it. +
Todd's uncle at another golf trip with his favorite golf group of all, his favorite uncles and a friend of the family.
Of course, Todd had to put Ellie Sue in the LSU tiger rocking chair outside our local Cracker Barrel.
This was our second annual SHake for Jake golf tourney!
Ohhhhhh, and now.... our sweet Gabbi Girl! (Gabbi is sitting in my lap right this very minute saying, "ba-by!". Yes, baby... that is you!!)
The very day our sweet angel was born! I am so happy that our daddy keeps this on his phone!
I look back and find it hard to believe that Ellie was only this old when we brought Gabbi Girl home. Had I lost my mind!?
Looking back, I can't believe we lived through it. But now that we survived it, I am so happy to have my girls close together. (IF I live through the 2/3 year!)

Ok, I have one more day of pics! ANd for the record... I uploaded pics from my camera today and had 269 new pics, so lots to show very soon.
Thanks for all the comments. One more Todd pic day! And you KNOW it brings us all the way to Ellie's first day with us too!


Amy said...

I love looking at Todd's pics, they are really sweet.

Michelle said...

Enjoying the pictures! :)

Sandy said...

Looove looking down memory lane with you. Todd is a GREAT person for capturing and keeping such wonderful pictures of times gone by. It is hard to believe that your beautiful lil baldheaded baby girl is now the beautiful curly headed "big" girl! My time has flown bye!! Thanks for sharing your world of parenting with us.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Yes, you do have to come back to Colorado and I really hope this time I can meet up with you & meet all the players "live". I CAN'T wait!!!!
The picture of Don and newborn Maddi is beyond precious....God is good.
He is just a softie that Todd - just like you would want him to be. And I love the closeness of the brothers-in-law - I pray that is what happens with my girls.
I enjoyed all the pictures, keep them coming.
Have a wonderful day, Diana from Colorado

Beverly said...

Love the pics from Todd's IPhone. It shows us a little of what Todd is like and we already knew he's the best daddy and has a huge heart! Thanks for a peak at Todd and memory lane.

Forrest Fun said...

Loven the pics, and seeing how much your girls have changed. Need to call Ashley to see the pic of Hayden in the snow, she should love that one!

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Holly said...

Mo! I just love these pictures! What a great idea! Will probably see this idea in Cosmo "How to figure out you new man - check the pictures on his phone!". You really can tell about Todd by his pictures - a great guy! You and the girls are very blessed!

Love Holly & JakeDog

tricia said...

I forgot what a cherub Ellie was! Love looking at pics! The pic of Don crying was my favorite

Theresa Shirley said...

Oh my goodness!! I won't go as far as to say that Todd takes as many pics as you, but hey--for a man he does pretty good!!! I know you are proud. I'm still loving the trip down memory lane. It's so hard to believe the girls are as big as they are now! Makes me realize how long I've "known" you---lol....Once again--thanks for sharing your lives.

simplykristi said...

Hi Mo,
I have enjoyed the pictures off of Todd's phone. It is great to look back!

Martha from NC said...

Just love the pix from Todd's phone, especially the baby pix of Ellie. That hot pink cast really brings back memories! And the newborn picture of GG, oh my goodness!! Yes, you were a very brave Mommy to "have" them so close together, but isn't it so much fun now?!?! You'll make it through the 2/3 year, no prob!! Just wait til the teen years!! OH MY!!

Unknown said...

Loving the Iphone pics. So sweet!

Angela said...

Ok- I had to finally get a google account so that I could leave a comment. Only been about five years. How sad is that? I have LOVED seeing these pictures from Todd's phone. It is so neat to see life with kids from the Dad's perspective. I like seeing what meant the most to him vs. what has meant to most to you. Thanks for sharing! And now that I know how to comment, I will be back. :)

Renee said...

LOVE all the "headgear" pics. I actually do that to my nephew ALL the time. Precious!

Tracy said...

Oh, I have enjoyed this so much, cant believe how big the girls are getting, it really shows when you see the early pictures. Oh, and I always used to laugh at Ellie with Gabbi as a baby, so cute.

Bella's mommy said...

Loving the stroll down memory lane. I'm so excited to see baby Ellie pics as I was not a blog reader wayyyy back then! I do that head gear thing too! LOL!

MaryH said...

I'm still lovin' this - keep the memories coming - how fast they grow and many, many kudos to you for being gifted with those babies so close together - but what a reward. You and your family amaze me, all the time.

Amy K said...

Awww, the baby pics are absolutely precious! I remember clearly when you first introduced us to each of your babies.

Monica said...

I'm loving the pics and the walk down memory lane.. Hard to believe those little bitty babies are now those "big" girls..

Christy said...

he has taken some really great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Mindy said...

Browsing digital scrap kits I came across one namec "Mama...Mamarazzi"

My first thought was....that is SO Melanie!

Mbeaty19 said...

OMG the pictures of Don with Maddi are priceless. Have really been enjoying the pictures the last few days. Like you said it's interesting to see what pictures he keeps on his phone. It is so great to see the pictures from when the girls were so little. Lots of memories that come rushing back when you see them I'm sure. You are so blessed to have such a great husband who treasures those special moments just as much as you do. Keep all the pictures coming - Loving them. Looking forward to getting caught up on the 52Q also.