Monday, July 26, 2010

Todd's phone... bear with me!

Still just browsing! Are you enjoying this as much as I am?! I am not getting many comments which usually signifies a little boredom! But, look. I had to get through all his pictures. HAD to! So, after today, only two more days of it, then I will get back to traditional bloggersville. ANd guess what... I am thinking about catching those of you who care up on the 52Questions! I found them and have them safely clipped on my fridge!
So bear with me. We are about 1/2 way there on the iPhone. And yes, Todd knows all about it.

I love seeing how many of my baby's pictures are on his phone!
And, that softie even loves his niece, Maddi!

Awwww.... I miss my sweet dog, Coach. He was our "baby" for many years!

And I am sure some of you remember this...

first, sink baths!

Second, that GASH on her head from falling into the stones on Staci's house on New Year's Eve.
(yes, stitches were involved!)

The girls' first trip to DisneyWorld. Ellie...18 months. Gabbi....4 months. Todd and I.... margaritas in Mexico at Epcot!

Hey... these are a couple of MY photos! I take pics at bookstores of books I WANT to buy. But as I sometimes have to exercise restraint in bookstores, I just keep pics to give to mom or dad or whoever who asks me later, "What do you want for your birthday?"

And I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but John C. Maxwell is one of my faves! I even subscribe to Maximum Impact, his monthly mentoring CD that basically teaches leadership.

I'm a fan!

And Ellie is a fan of DeeDee's shoes.

Todd goes on a lot of golf trips. I have realized this through my photo investigation! This is Sawgrass in Pointe' Vedre, FL. I went with him one year to this and TOOOOTALLY lucked out! They were having an art fair actually in the parking lot next door to our hotel. BONUS!!

TOdd? I really don't get this one!

Oh.... I just asked him. It is a fish that TOdd caught on Thanksgiving, but lost right when it got to the bank. A few weeks later, Hunter re-caught it. And even after floating in this icechest... it lived, and is back in the pond behind mine and Staci's house ready to be caught again!

And remember, these pics are oldest to most recent! This is when the BAH was only being sketched on napkins! Of course, this is Todd, yet again, drawing his outdoor kitchen... which changed a lot from napkin to actual building.

At one of the college ballgames we go to, our friend Richard D. grilled oysters. Yum. Or wait... was that TOdd?! I don't know who to give credit to, but they were dang good.

These three little munchkins had a ball at the ballgame! No Gabbi yet. I don't know if there even was a Gabbi yet.

And here is one of Todd's favorite places on earth. Tiger Stadium!!

This is me, Staci, and Veronicia pre-Kenny Chesney concert in Shreveport, LA.

Mid concert...

Later in concert...

and when almost over. We had a ball!

Ok, so this reminds me of that Corona commercial where those two are sitting on the beach with their bottles on the table between them.

And another leisurely trip of Todd's vantage point while on the balcony.

Awwww.....remember this little girl?

and that head full of curls?!

On a trip somewhere, sometime, doing something with the Raborns. NIce pic, Don!

A blurry but sweet little picture of Gabbi Girl! She sure did love those puffy stars! She must have been about 9 months old here.

and here with her sister, who is about 22 months old. and picking her nose.

That's kinda sweet that Todd has a picture of one of my canvases on his phone. Don't you think?

But not as sweet as the fact that he carries this picture around with him!

Ok, so this would have been June 2009 when they first poured the slab!I really can't get over how much my baby has changed in one little year! This was June 2009. This past June, she just looks so much older!

I am liking this trip down memory lane! And you?

And Kacy... I like Ragan too! I thought he'd done gone and won head of household. Dangit, Matt! Are you sick of seeing Brendon and Rachel make out? GAG!

ANd Jessi. WHY didn't you come say hi? Now, we have to have lunch! Holla!



Tammy said...

Mel, I love all the pics on Todd's phone, keep em coming, he's pretty darn good! It amazes me to see what he finds interesting, ya know! Its like were getting to know him better, lol!

Sandy said...

Mo I love the trip down memory lane!! Ya don't find many men that are very sentimental went it comes to mushy things and I got to say Todd is a great "family" man! you are totally blessed to have him. His pictures really say alot. I love that he Loved Jake beyond words to carry his headstone picture with him. Just made me all teary eyed.

Anonymous said...

I usually read but don't post a lot so I will today so you don't think I'm bored. These are great! I feel like I'm getting to know Todd too!

Stacey said...

Love the not like Brendon and Rachael!

jmckemie said...

Don't usally post much but just so you know...not bored! Think it is awesome that Todd has those pics on his phone. Fun to really "get t know him" this way!

Beverly said...

I'm enjoying the TDML. I'm fascinated with the pics of the girls and how much they're changed. Keep those memory lane photos coming.

tricia said...

always interesting to see what a person snaps a pic of. i thought there would be more of the BAH though.

jessie said...

b/c i was MORTIFIED!!! but i'd love to do lunch with you!

Theresa Shirley said...

I love all your posts Mo! Never get bored---I just love to see what goes on "as the world turns" in the Massey/Groves/Raborn households!!! Keep 'em coming.....

Theresa Shirley said...

I love all your posts Mo! Never get bored---I just love to see what goes on "as the world turns" in the Massey/Groves/Raborn households!!! Keep 'em coming.....

SamC said...

I'm lovin' the pictures from the Todd's phone. It is fun to see what others find interesting. My hubby doesn't even have a cell phone and doesn't want one. Go figure.

Now my son, who is 20, there is NO telling what you will find on his. He took a picture of a birthday card at a store that had a nun smoking that said "Holy Smokes, it is your birthday." Well, someone asked to see a picture of his girlfriend and he showed them THAT picture. They didn't know what to say.

Looking forward to catching up with the 52Q's. I FINALLY got my craft room finished and am ready to craft.

Oh, btw, I had lap-band surgery on June 29. So far, so good. Get my first fill 8/11. I am SCARED!!!

Maggie said...

I think the trip down memory lane is fun! I forgot all about the gash Ellie had, and about the quote on Jake's stone. I was startled this morning to see that it is almost Jake's 4 year Angelversary. It's hard to believe that I've been having my morning coffee with the Raborns/Groves for over 5 years! Thanks for having me.

Phyllis Lines said...

Mo, I don't comment often but wanted to let you know I'm enjoying the trip down memory lane via Todd's phone. Keep them coming.

Phyllis Lines said...
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MaryH said...

I am not bored - I love the perspective and randomness of his photos - he sure is a loving, softhearted kind of husband and daddy - you are three lucky ladies - there are some really funny ones in there also - and I, too, am amazed at the changes in those girlie girls.

Bella's mommy said...

Woo hoo, you got a good one girl. Let me know if he's got a good, single brother, lol! I forgot about Gabbi being slick, her hair has REALLY grown! Loving the stroll down memory lane! Keep 'em coming :)

The Mommy said...

I think these are fun posts...always interesting to see things from another's perspective. Just last week I was downloading all of my husband's photos from his phone for him. He had everything from grills and food creations, to trucks, auto accidents, and construction equipment. However, most of them were of our four kids. I was reminded once again of how awesome of a Daddy he is.

We are blessed beyond measure!

Susantwilhelm said...

Have so enjoyed seeing the pics. Been a difficult week with the loss of a dear friend, and coming to the blog to see pics of your sweet babies has put a smile on my face. Glad to hear you will be in the house soon!

Robin said...

Ive been keeping up a lot more this past month again... Not sure why.. guess its my way of seeing how you are doing. However, just wanted to add, this look inside Todd's world is amazing. I've really been proud of how he has stepped up and these pictures just prove what I suspected all along... hes been right by your side all along. Proud father, husband and Uncle to Jake. You are truly blessed my friend.

Carrie said...

I'm still here and completely enjoying all of Todds pics so keep em coming!

jneman said...

Please post the 52Q! Was cleaning out a basket and found all of the ones I have completed so far - would love to do all 52:)

Amy K said...

Mo, I am never bored reading your has been a great trip down memory lane. Oh, how the girls have grown & changed!
And, 52Q is being resurrected??? How AWESOME is that!!!! I look forward to getting back to that project.