Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric fun for Etsy

Hey, did I ever post about these? I really don't remember. ANd I am too lazy to look back! If so, just stop reading now. If not, enjoy!
I learned how to make these little spiral flowers using scrap fabric and a hot glue gun... and my life may never be the same! I can't even get rid of ANY of the girls torn up, ratty, no good clothes!

Because every time I think I can throw something away, I remember that there is a rosette waiting to be made into a headband! And now that child #1 is SOOOO into headbands, well.... I must craft!

Sometimes (as above) I wrap them in torn fabric. Sometimes (as below), I wrap them in grosgrain ribbon.

But ALWAYS, I add fun little rosette flowers on the top. I am serious. I am obsessed.

And then.... It got WORSE!

I figured out how to make them into cuffs.

Cuffs of every size, shape, and variety!

Colorful cuffs, muted cuffs, neutral cuffs (ok, so I am lying... I don't do neutral anything!)

Cuffs for big people...

and cuffs for little people!

But NO cuffs for my hornery little Ellie Sue who refused to try on one of for my demonstration! Turd.

Did I just call my offspring a turd? Did I just call her my offspring?

Hope you like my fun little crafts. Be watching Etsy... I will be loading some up soon! Mo


Bella's mommy said...

Oh Mo! You gotta make seasonal headbands, like Halloween and Christmas! Ooh and even a WM Rebel headband. Dang, can you tell I'm excited, like a bee on a flower. I was so sleepy this morning and this post was better than coffee! I was imagining all the outfits Bells has that needs headbands like these. Let us know when they go up on Etsy!!!!

tricia said...

The headbands are adorable;you are so creative. And yes you called your sweet angelic daughter a TURD! LOL

Kim said...

SUPER CUTE!!! How about a kit for these!!?!

LOVED the "pictures by Todd" ~ I just don't always have the time to make a quick comment, sorry.

Have a super fantastic weekend!

Amy K said...

Very cute! You are so talented!
Have an awesome weekend...

Carrie said...

Those headbands are adorable! Not sure if Audrey would keep one in but I may just have to buy one and try it out!

Amosann said...