Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todd's iPhone... man, this is FUN!

Todd's phone... continued! And yes. I let him preview anything I chose to share. He is ok with it! So here we go... and we aren't even almost finished. I loaded pics for about 3-4 more days. Sorry if you aren't enjoying it. I am! And I think it will be a cool addition to my girls' big blog book someday when they look through them as a scrapbook. What was my dad like?! What did he like?! Now they'll know!

Apparently a picture from a plane. But where? when? With whom?

Hmmm.... fall 2009?
Yep. had to be the fall! Gabbi Girl is in her LSU jumper! And look at that straight, short hair!
Remember, this is an iPhone, not the Canon Rebel. SO bear with me here on photo quality. Not to mention, this is behind Todd's lens! So we are seeing things from HIS point of view. Not mine!
And he must really love his baby girls! He has LOTS of pics of them on his phone!
Maddi's second birthday party!
And Gabbi Girl dead asleep in her carseat. I think it is so sweet that her daddy loves her enough to take these kinds of pics for his phONE.
And every once in a while I KNOW why he has a certain picture on there! Perv!
Oh yeah, baby! We went to see the Black Crowes. My fave of many that we had seen at the Horseshoe in Shreveport. Very soulful group! I actually can see what Kate Hudson saw in him!
Look at that sweet angel. 14 month old Gabbi Girl.
And Daddy had his 40th birthday party last year. I think he liked his cake. After all, he took a picture of his cake and kept it on his phone.
And would you believe Todd got to go with some buds on a quick golf trip on a private plane?
This is his friend, Bo... who apparently went with him on this trip. Kori, when is it time for a girls' trip on a private plane?!
Todd takes pictures regularly of cool ideas he likes for bar areas... particularly those that have multiple tvs. My husband has a TV problem!! Seriously!
And here is the BAH... coming right along!
Ellie Sue in a hoodie towel. Because these pics are on his phone, many of them have never been seen by me and definitely not on my blog. Thanks for the new material, TG.
I hear Jewel was a pretty good concert too. I ate, drank, and went to bed on this one! Staci, Don, and Todd really enjoyed her though!
This is some crazy car Todd must have liked while down in Gulf Shores.
And while at the outlet mall in Foley, AL, Ellie Sue enjoyed a ride on the carousel.
We worked hard to get that little ponytail back there! And look.... she was still letting me dress her. Big difference between 28 months and 35 months. BIG difference!
And my heart just swelled when I saw all of these! These were the pics that we LOVED and chose from for our Christmas cards this past year.
It is hard for me to believe because they seem so much older now, and that was only 6 months ago!
It is super sweet, though, that dad loves you enough to keep ALL of these on his phone!
I really liked this one.
But this one was the winner. (I think!?)
Todd, you are a sweet daddy!


Kenzie Holley said...
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Kenzie Holley said...

Cute pictures of the girlies!!

tricia said...

its great to see the diversity in Todd's picture choices but especially cool to see so many of his girls....even the cleavage pic.

jessie said...

such sweet pics of the girls! by the way, i was the "blog stalker" in spoiled rotten today. i was so embarrassed!!! hope you don't mind! :)

Melanie Christian said...

What a proud daddy Todd is! Go Todd!

Amy K said...

What awesome pics Todd!! Thanks Melanie for sharing them.