Friday, July 9, 2010

Going to miss this ol' porch!

Well, the faucets and sinks are installed! The tile flooring is patterend and looking good. There are even lights you can turn on if you happen to be there after dark.
So I am guessing we will be moving to the new house in, oh... say... August!
Kinda making me all nostalgic about this house though.
This is where my babies play!
It is where I rocked them when they came home from the hospital.
When nothing else would quieten them as babies, we came to swing here!
I wrote both my babies their "special songs" sitting here swinging with them on this front porch swing.
Yep. I am going to miss this ol swing.

Heck, I am going to miss this whole house!
But. I am taking these two beauties with me!
ANd even thought the view from the front door will be a little different...
The sweet memories of childhood will remain.
Goodbye sweet porch.
We will surely miss you.


connie said...

thats great that they are coming to town on your new house everything coming together i cant wait to see it when its done. i know you will be happy when you move in and you can start doing more artsy stuff. wahoo i cant wait to see what all you have in store for us.. i bought one of the necklace kits i cant wait to get it and then im getting another one in august one for me to keep the other for me to do a special gift with.. i love your jewelry. i cant wait to learn more of what you do.. oh i love all the pics of your sweet girls i know you are going to miss your front porch are u taking the swing with you? its mighty hot here so im going to stay in today and make new jewelry today its suppose to be close to 100 today or it will be that and higher ughh too hot for me to venture outside. i went out yesterday and it made me sick i guess i got too hot so today im staying inside and making jewelry. i will post pics soon of what i have made.. hugs and love ya

tricia said...

New memories...that's what it is all about. Treasure the old but move forward.

Sharidrew said...

hey mo...

are those Christmas lights on your porch? DUDE! LOL....

New memories will be just as good as the old ones. Yeah that BAH is almost done. How exciting!!

Happy Friday to you,

Cori said...

My grandfather is building me a swing right now that I hope will always be on my front porch Can you take the sweing with you?

You will make memories just as sweet in the new house. I can't wait to see it finished. LOVE all the natural elements y'all used!!

Amy K said...

What a sweet, sentimental post for you & the girls to look back on...much NESTing!
Blessings to all 4 of you as you move forward on your journey!