Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the swing (I'm gonna miss this porch) after the water hose.

WHile we are reminiscing about the porch... let's not forget popsicle day!
Remember when Ellie squirted Mary Allison smack in the face with the water hose?!
Well, afterward, as usual, we all piled up on the front porch swing.
My babies DO love their hoodie towels. and so do I!!
They are going through a really lovey phase.
It is so cute, but gets a little old for Gabbi Girl when Ellie wants to "hold" Gabbi in the bed at night to "help her go to sleep">
Gabbi Girl has only ONE person in mind when it is time to go to sleep. ANd her name is MAMA!
For that matter, so does this one! I feel like a human play pen!
My C2-3 segment of my neck is all jacked up as I type due to trying to find a comfortable spot where I can "hold my hand" of both of them and also let each of them touch me in some way.
I know. I know. Maybe when we move. They have their own rooms, I just hope they will be ready to try living in them all by themselves. I would love to get a good night's rest. Then again, WILL I be able to get a good night's rest without them!? Time will tell.


Carrie said...

Sounds like a case of 'be careful what you wish for!' I have the same thing going on here. I can barely sit down to type without them both sitting on my keyboard! I too am praying a bigger house with more space will help but only time will tell. Hang in there and cherish every minute - regardless of how much you long to pee in private!

MLP said...

Hadlee has both of those bathing suits! ha ha!

Love the lovey dovey girls!

You are just an amazing mama...that's why they love you so much!

tricia said...

Tell the house,new rules. Everyone sleeps in their own beds.

Amy K said...

I love those towel too - my youngest had a frog one.
The pics of Ellie kissing GG's nose is just heartwarming.
Isn't MA moving into the BAH with you???? ;)
Sweet, sweet memories.