Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Celebration 2010

I'm getting closer in real time to blog time!

I'm doing the 4th on the 6th. That's better!
These cute little outfits were bought specifically for the fourth, but they didn't stay on but about five minutes once we showed up at the party.
We had our usual 4th celebration at Paula and Johnnye's house. They have a pool, and it is a potluck where everybody brings something to eat/ drink, and it is all just very laid back!
Gabbi was literally there about five minutes when she stepped right into the pool on the first step getting her outfit and sweet leather sandals soaking wet.

KK is excited about these outfits too, because she goes to LA Tech and the colors are red and columbia blue. She takes the girls to things on campus from time to time, and now they have the perfect thing to wear.

Staci was already in the pool, as was Miss Maddi.
Then, Emma Lou jumped in. My girls were in hog heaven.
The party continued to grow. Note the "big girls" in rings and the baby in the floaties!
Here's Kristi. She used to read my blog. Do you still, Kristi?
And here is sweet Todd the Bod. He manned the grill! And dude, I mean, did a GREAT job! Ribs, brisket, grilled veggies, chicken wings, sausage, pork loin, .... the boy can GRILL!

This is Bo.
He has been moping around kinda sad like for about two weeks now. Todd was over at the Fords the other day. He'd been mowing our yards and noticed that Bo's buddy, Luke, was lying down and not moving. He then noticed that Luke teeteed on himself and suspected a real problem. He called his name a few times, and really became concerned. He said he thought maybe it was a heat stroke, so he put a towel on him and tried to keep him cool by keeping the towel cool and wet.
Eventually, he knew the inevitable was at hand, and told Clayton, Paula and Johnnye's middle kid, to go inside and that "I'll take care of him." He held him while he passed, then went and buried him. That makes the third dog Todd has buried in the past three years. NOT FUN!

Because we have lost two of ours in the past two years, we know how hard it is! I am proud of Todd for helping our good friends with this difficult situation.
Back to the fourth. HOw COOL are these three teens?!

Linda Lou made patriotic themed cupcakes. I wonder if , when I am in the new house and have a nice new kitchen, I will be inspired to make something, ANYTHING, in the kitchen!? Cute red, white, and blue decorations that never even hit a table!
No fourth would be complete without a table full of these.
This poor little angel (on the left) had a HUGE splinter in her foot. I dug and dug and dug... yes, I become obsessed. and Let me tell you, this aws less like a plinter and more like a plank of wood! Poor baby. When she finally told me she couldn't feel her last two toes and was having a lot of pain with her toes extended, I said, "Whoa! I am DONE here!" Her mom took her to the ER and they gave her an anesthetic and got it right out. I tried my own anesthetic with a baggie of ice, but still she felt it!
Ana and Samuel "grazing" on the potluck spread!
Miss Gabbi Girl had about THREE of these cupcakes! She started with the icing, but don't think she ended there.
She woofed that sucker down like a 10 year old!
I saw this in Emma's room and paused to reflect. I have had a pretty intense week. And I mean, INTENSE, and you know... I am still so blessed. It's all good! I have so much to be grateful for.
Now this situation was HEE larious!
Ellie LOVES playing at other people's houses and mostly playing in their closets and trying on their clothes! Especially if they are "big girls" and are their role models. (Emma Lou!)
ANd on another note... she is VERY bossy!
She bent over and told Maddi, "We're not going to be wearing diapers anymore. You need to wear these panties."
Maddi proceeded to stand on the bed, and Ellie held out the panties and just said, "Step in."
then, I stepped in and said, "How bout she lay down?!"

Much safer, I thought.
With an "OK", she began dressing Maddi like she is her baby doll.
Ellie is quite the caretaker! She does the same thing at dancing, at swimming lessons, at gymnastics... you name it.
I will say it is just about the first time Maddi has ever agreed to wear panties at all!

Since I can't go anywhere without a project,( Paula thinks I have a special kind of neurosis), I brought fabric to make headbands and cuffs.
We had our own fun in the kitchen... the girls are going to the Justin Bieber concert in Dallas tomorrow, and they needed to make headbands to match their MATCHING outfits of hot pink and black. Why I didn't take close up shots of their headbands, I have no idea. Trust me when I say, they turned out super cute!
So, teens swam, kids crafted, and the adults... well, we grazed!

These are the middle schoolers. They stayed as far away from the adults as physically possible!
ANd only when it was dark enough to not be watched did they decide to swim!
Have I shown you Maddi's pout stance? It has been around for a solid year. And it is very consistent... drooped shoulders, head down, brow furrowed. She wanted the green swim ring, not the one with flowers. And this is how she protested!
It is really pretty comical. She won't talk to anyone, won't look at anyone, and just in case you don't know how mad she really is... she walked over and kicked the swim ring that she did NOT want to wear!
Eventually, she won out and go the green polka dot swim ring... and Ellie won out and got Payton!
Payton is one of the "cool" junior highers who Ellie would rather hang out with anyway. She does LOVE to be amongst the "big kids".
And if I play my cards right, Payton might just be babysitting for me tomorrow, so I can get some packing done. Orrrrrrr.... hey, Kimmie.... whatcha doin?!
Is it just me, or should I be finding an agent for Payton? I think she is absolutely gorgeous! ANd 13!!
Well, that's what we did on the 4th. Hope yours was great too! Let's hope for me to have a much cooler and smoother week!


Sharidrew said...

I love the way you guys "gather" always looks like a great time! Happy Tuesday to you. Here's to a better week!!

Hugs from Missouri,

ronda said...

Does everyone in your world have a BAH? I want one! Maybe if I move south...

Theresa Shirley said...

Yay--I think I'm actually the 1st one to leave a comment for once!!! :) Looks like ya'll had a ball (as usual).....So what's the update on the BAH? Should be moving in soon, right? Can't wait for more pics!!!

Amy K said...

Awesome, awesome fun!! You should be finding her an agent...she's beautiful! But, then again, so are your girls.
You know what, I have a 7 year old son who pouts exactly like Maddi. Boy, would they be a pair!
Great post! I hope your week shapes up to be much better than last...thanks for the counting our blessings reminder...I need that every once in awhile.

Kathryn said...

What fun! Wish I could come down and help you pack. Okay, not really. I detest packing. I would play with the girlies and cook!

Sandy said...

Mo looks like you all had a great time. I was thinking you may need a agent for your own girls but you could start with Peyton. She is beautiful. I love you post and Thanks again for sharing your life.

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about Luke, but thankfully Todd was there to help.

Look's like super FUN times were had for the 4th!! Hey, I have been meaning to ask how Todd's back is?? Also, I think he need's to have a grill off with Bobby Flay ~ I bet he can show Bobby a thing or two!! lol...

I bet Ellie will have Maddie wearing "big girl panties" full time very soon!!

Yes, Payton is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Renee said...

What a fun looking group and a nice looking pool. Loved the girls monogrammed outfits. Very cute.

Beth E. said...

I hope your week is going much better than mine...let's just say that I won't be winning any Mom Awards anytime soon. :/