Monday, July 5, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Once again, you kinda lose the impact of a post when it is, like, two weeks late! But anyhow...

This is how we celebrated Father's Day!
At Outback Steakhouse.
Remember how Ellie Sue is going through a "I don't want to wear a dress" while simultaneously passing through the "I want to wear an 'ugly tank top'" phase.

Well, today rocked her world. When I put on gabbi's dress, Ellie noticed it and said, "MOm. Is that an ugly tank top AND a dress up dress?" When I said, "yes", she was pretty amazed by that and I was a lucky mom who got to see her girls matching for the first time in a long while! Back to Father's Day. we had the whole crew... which is like a circus! Even the big boys graced us with their presence! All to celebrate our daddies. Pops handing Hayden money.... seems a little backwards doesn't it?! (belated birthday!)
The wait at Outback on Father's Day is a big one! thankfully, they came around with fried crawfish appetizers for all waiting. I might could've stayed there all day for that.

The tribe was getting a little restless. Strangely, as previously mentioned, Gabbi Girl has become one of the toughest kids to manage when out to eat.
She loves her Pops though. And he did his best to try and help me keep her wrangled.
Another daddy who was present with the group.
Cute pic of Sister and Daughter.
The boys, although present, don't do much for bringing a heightened level of enthusiasm.

Dads and their girlies.
This little precious.
She surely does love her mama! Lately loves me A LOT at about 3 am and wants to get out of her crib and lie directly on top of me!
I don't know about y'all, but we celebrate just about every event with lunch or dinner together. I wonder how that tradition began.
Contributes to my weight issues, I suppose.
Anyway, so happy that this is my dad. Love him deeply....


tricia said...

Daddy's girls are special. Looks like Pops was surrounded by love that day!

tricia said...

Hey! I left a message a few hours ago and its GONE??? I said something about Daddy's girls and Pops being surrounded by love!

Amy K said...

Oh Ellie....funny, funny girl! She must have you in stitches most of the time!
As always, love the pics. What a great way to celebrate and honor your Dad and husbands.
I hope your 3am wake up calls get fewer and farther between.

Kim said...

LOVE and awesome family ties is what contributes to the get togethers!! My family too gets together for most everyting, and I like you wouldn't trade it for the world!!