Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cannon's Seafood night.

Taking you back to the beach....

Anytime you see the Groves crew walking INTO a restaurant like this... LOOK OUT!
Because when my girls are sleepy, they go into HIGH GEAR! It is like they are trying to escalate themselves into staying FULLY awake!
Such was the case of one of our last nights at the beach!
This was that same night where Ellie did her dad's manicure and facial. ANYTHING to keep them in their seats!

Of course, we had an entourage of help!
Gabbi Girl, my writer, was preoccupied for, ohhhhh, about 30 seconds, with a crayon.
Those were some sweet, sweet 30 seconds!
And then, it was in my lap, in dad's lap, down the hallway, into the arcade, up and down the stairs, about 50 times!
Look at this gorgeous hair. Just sayin'!
We kinda tried to give these two a break this night. They had done a LOT to give us free time on the beach! (Hey Tina, the one on the right is your future daughter in law. Let's make this happen!)
Party pics. KK and veronicia.
My girls will NOT stay in their high chairs. ANd I know what you are thinking.... "Oh yea, MINE would! I would make them!"
Well maybe so, but at the expense of every other diner's enjoyment of their meal. Whining, crying, fit throwing. It just wasn't worth it. We had too many with us to have to go through all of that!
This would be gum from the gumball machine DOWN STAIRS! I seriously think we went up and down those stairs 50 times. A quarter bought, like, 8 pieces of chiclet type gum.
So we would come up with sorting colors, deciding who got which color gum, etc. ANYTHING to keep their minds on something besides getting up.
Are these not the most adorable little INEXPENSIVE dresses I found at the Children's Place (I think) outlet mall?!
Oh, there was also a vending machine for rubber balls.
We bought a few!
The big boys ended up being some of my best helpers this night. I think they kinda liked getting to go down to the arcade AND spending the money in the rubber ball machine. What is it about getting something to fall down a slot that is so mesmerizing?
Hubba Hubba.
ANd one more peek, Tina. AND she is studying engineering! Smart, pretty, sweet, loves kids. She'd make a fine daughter in law. I am not sure she has child bearing hips, though!
Another enjoyable evening out with the Groves!



Mindy said...

Oh. Em. Gee. I could just eat up those little pudgy toes in that last pic.

Ronda said...

I bought the same dress for my daughter (Gabbi's brown version), and I can't get it off of her enough to throw it in the washer. After seeing Ellie's, I really wish I'd ordered the blue one, too.

tricia said...

the girls outfits are adorable

Dawn said...

KK is def a pretty girl. Hayden Haynes needs to come visit West Monroe more often!! :) Love the girls dresses...too cute.

Katelyn said...

What you got against my hips?!
btw..the name of the place was Cottons

kimybeee said...

I am just glad I don't have to buy the gas for all the places you take me!!!!

Love, Love, Love those dresses on the girlies!!!!

Amy K said...

You read my mind Mo....the first picture had me thinking, oooo look at those beautiful dresses!
And, no, I wasn't thinking my kid would sit in that high chair, because we have kiddos that are on the go constantly as well (we have received the disapproving looks of others in restaurants and no exactly what you're saying), and sometimes as parents we have to "pick our battles". Do not forget...you & Todd are awesome parents. And BTW, that is one smokin' picture of you two!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
I am with you, my three would not sit still for a second! My oldest would break her sister's chops until they were screaming. I guess I was one of "those" Mother's....oh well
I KNOW what you mean.
The picture of Gabbi coloring is adorable and Ellie with her Daddy is just precious.
Great picture of you & Todd!!
I am leaving for Florida tomorrow, so I'll be catching up when I get back.
You should be all moved in the BAH by then??
Have a wonderful week.
Diana from Colorado