Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cottage in place.

Well, there she blows! In her new home. Good ol' Bessie. I have never called her Bessie before, but now that we are talking about her so much, I felt she needed a name. So, Bessie the Cottage it is.
That is what she looks like from the house. Doesn't it just look like she was meant to sit there?!

And from the other (pond) side, this is what she looks like. Look closely and you can see Don and Staci's house waaaay over there behind it.
And this is the other angle.
The view from the front porch of the cottage. (Back of our house not completed yet. Middle section to have a screened wall, the balcony will have a railing, and the far left will have a porch attached... which, by the way, will also have a flagstone path down to the cottage! I want to make it all look integrated. )
From inside the cottage, the view of the pond is gorgeous.
This is the view from the middle of the room. Poor picture, I know.
And when you open the back door, this is what you see. I have decided, that in due time, I will add a little porch off this too, with a kitchenette and a bathroom so it can be a true, free-standing guest house.
It is going to be a great party house for the little girlies... birthday parties, tea parties, slumber parties.
There is already a bed in the loft, but I am going to add a second one on the right side.
I always think, "little cabin in the woods" when I see it.
The view from Staci's side of the property.
And it is in the perfect spot, as mentioned yesterday.... I can see it from my den.

From the dining room.

From the outdoor cooking area, where the moms and dads will be hanging out often!
Yep. I think it is in the perfect spot.

And I think there will be many, many memories made in this little cottage.

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Beverly said...

PERFECT! I see a lot of good times coming up for Bessie!

SamC said...

I love it! I am so happy Bessie got to move to your new home. She looks like she has always been there.

I have cottage envy! lol

Erin said...

this looks awesome mel! so excited! i am so ready to come out and see Bessie and the BAH!!! Hope to see you all soon!

snekcip said...

Looks perfect Mo!! Old Bessie's "eyes" aka/windowpanes seems to be smiling and it's little cottage "mouth" aka/front door seems to be mouthing "Momma didn't forget about me really loves me *in Sally Fields voice*!

Lisa said...

Ol' Bessie is wonderful - magical!! I'm so happy that you could move your cottage with you. You and those sweet girls are going to make lots of memories!!

Amy said...

I wish you were my mom!! I love the cottage placement, it looks amazing.

SaraG said...

WOW you picked the very perfect spot for Bessie!!! I just think it is so cool that you relocated it to your new home!!

Beth E. said...

I'm so glad you moved Bessie the Cottage to be with you...I couldn't picture you in a new house without her!

Amy K said...

It is absolutely perfect. Many new memories will be made at your new property!

MaryH said...

Bessie is wonderful! What a great place for the girlies to play and sleep out - my dad built a playhouse for me and my girls used it also - great special place. The path to Bessie will be the perfect touch. Can't believe Ellie is three! Ellie and Gabbi and two very blessed little girls to have parents as loving and creative and involved and passionate about family and friends as the two of you. Have fun!

tricia said...

Can I move in????? I love Bessie! It looks breathtaking in it's surroundings!

Holly said...

Bessie is beautiful! Some time you need to tell us the origins of Bessie. Did she have a life before you, or did you have her built?

Love you guys!
Holly & JakeDog