Thursday, July 15, 2010

The frog project

It's so great to have big girls in the neighborhood. Ellie has the best playmates!
Today Sarah and her friend decided to trap a few bugs and a couple of FROGS.
It looked like a science fair over there.
You know who was ALLLLLL up in their business!
I am not sure what the "experiment" was exactly except maybe to see how long a frog could live in a plastic cup with, of course, recirculating water being applied.
This little darling just hung out and watched. She had a DumDum, so life, to her, was GOOD!
We are going to miss Sarah. She is the playmate who comes over as soon as she hears the car drive into the driveway.
And she sets up fun things to do, like an entire laboratory out in the garden!
Ellie just thought the whole entire process was the coolest. and she is digging ANYTHING that a big girl does!
She was mesmerized.
as was I over the outfit she chose to put on. Note everyone in tank tops and Ellie Sue in a cardigan sweater... and I swear, about 12 month leggings. (she's NEVER going to let me throw those ratty things away... they're her fave!)
I am so glad the girls remembered the moss to lay on the table NEXT to the frogs in a cup so they could feel more at home and all forest-y! Hello? Yes, this is Gabbi. You need me to what? Ok, I'll be right over. And I'll bring the DumDums. Ok Bye.
Have I even shown you this child's double crown? Check out those swirls in the top of her head. Ponytail NIGHTMARE!
ANd who was there to capture it all? Including a picture of herself!! Mary Mallison. WHo is getting too big for her britches and never comes around. Sad sad sad.
Looking forward to lizard experimentation day!


tricia said...

Ellie dressed for fall/winter&everyone else for summer.She must have been HOT!

Your neighbor Sarah is going to MISS you all. What is she going to do.

Jenny said...

You have the cutest little girls!! I love keeping up with your blog! Don't know if you remember me but I am a nurse from St. Jude that use to take care of sweet little Jake! You guys were all such a great family to take care of too! We all love you guys!

Anyways, you may already know about this site but I found it by chance the other day. It is called They have awesome scrapbook stuff and crafts everyday is something different at very CHEAP prices! You should check it out if you haven't already! I am actually a fan of there sister site which has fabric and sewing stuff.

Just always see your fun scrapbook stuff on here and wanted you to know about the site! Have a wonderful day!


Melanie Christian said...

Ellie cracks me up! She's so grown up! The little frog experiment was too cute!

snekcip said...

Ewww frogs! Bree would have been million of miles away! The girl screams when she sees a fly! U could have sworn an Pterodactyl flew on her!! Talk about DRAMA QUEEN

Ellie Sue cracks me up with those "get ups"!

Melissa said...

I love your idea of painting scripture on the floor! If we build another house, I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" the idea...all the way in NC :) And the double crown is precious, even if challenging. My son has one and it took a couple of years to find a haircut that could keep him from having a spike right in the middle! My grandmother said she had always heard the double crown meant the child would travel a lot in life...ok as long as Mama gets to go, too!